My Journey

Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Week 35 & Hi From Utah

Weight: 153.6    Loss 3.2 lbs from a month ago

I'm not dead. I didn't get lost on my trip to Utah. I didn't end up in a ditch from the gi-normo moving contraption I was driving either. I am in one piece, and a skinnier piece I might add then when I left.

The trip was great! My sis and I had tons of fun. We took I-70 most of the way stopping in places like St. Louis to shop and Kansas City to stay night at a casino (it was the cheapest thing on Expedia I swear!) and staying with an old college roomie in Colorado!

Me and my puppy and the owl before I left
Driving the huge truck became second nature after a while. We even named the truck "snaggletooth hibbity bibbity tiger". What in the world?! This is how that convo went down....

me- Let's name our truck
jess- ok


me- Only really strange things are coming into my mind
jess - me too!  What are yours?
me - hibbity bibbity 
jess - snaggle tooth tiger

And that's how it went!

I ate pretty well on the trip. Hardly any junk food, no soda and healthy snacks!  My sis ate less than me. And she even threw up in the bathroom one night after eating "too much:. Am I a little worried she might be on the borderline of an eating disorder. Yup!! Is that the least of her worries.....Yup! (she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her during the trip as well!)

The arch in St. Louis
Cheese and crackers were my snack of choice!
Getting to Utah was great! I am so happy to be with my family. Living with my in-laws is really not so bad....yet. I hope I will still love them in several months and more importantly they will love me. I am not the best "home maker". I hate cleaning, and the kids sure can make a mess in 3.4 seconds! I am trying my best to keep up with them!!

The truck and car carrier! 
My eating was REALLY bad the 1st week here. There are CARBS everywhere and cookies and brownies. It has been so hard to just lay off. I was back up to 158 in no time. I knew that if I didn't get Jake on board with me that I basically would have little hope of losing the last 25 lbs or so I need to.

There was nothing in Kansas! But pretty sunset!

So, I signed us up for the gym, and we bought some new bikes with a kid trailer and I sold him on my diet. This week we have worked out EVERYDAY! It has been so awesome to be doing this with him! We have been cooking healthy dinners every night, and going to the gym together. I was 157.6 on mon and today I am 153.6. Feels pretty awesome. I know he is excited too. Our bodies are pretty sore. Trying to bath and change kids when you can hardly move makes for some good entertainment to anyone watching.

Add caption
Me with my kiddies in Utah! Finally!!
I also got a new job. I am going to be a pastry artist/baker for a popular bakery here in Utah. I am a little terrified to be around my food weakness 5 days a week! I am going to have to learn some strong willpower. I will quit if I can't handle it. The money won't be worth it. I also have a second interview for a jetblue reservation crew member (a work from home job). That interview is end of march so if the baker thing doesn't work I will have something in the works. Both jobs would allow me to be home with my kids most days. That is really important to Jake and me at this point. 

Also.... someone signed a lease for our house the day I moved. It was perfect timing and I feel so much better knowing that money will be coming in for the mortgage! She is planning on buying it within the year. You never know. 

I know I am just rushing through a bunch of stuff but Logan is clawing at my computer and oh-my-word is he poopy!!! 

I will be better at blogging. I need to do some serious catch up on everyone! You have been in my thoughts! Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Week 32 (Last Baltimore Weigh In)

Weight: 155.6   Loss: 1.2 lbs

On Tuesday after Jake left, I was like 159.8 lbs and pretty frustrated. So I did a 3-day-ish pouch test. Liquids for 36 hrs, soft foods another day. I needed to reset. My hormones were being crazy and Jake and I had a lot of salt over the weekend. Feels good to get to a new low.

Well. I am off to pack my truck. Picked it up this morning. I am officially nervous now! Huge 22 ft diesel truck and the car carrier behind it adds another 15 feet! How in the heck am I going to drive that across the country?! 

Peace out my friends!