My Journey

Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Week 40 - The Flu Diet

Weight: 145.2 lbs  Loss:  6 lbs (from 2 weeks ago)

My stomach bug turned out to be a full blown flu. I have never had the flu before. I pretty much wanted to die yesterday. I was sweating but freezing, fever, shaking, pounding headache, totally disoriented and just plain miserable. It was a glorious moment last night when my fever broke. I could still barely walk or function but I could at least smile and hug my kids.  I lost 4.5 pounds in the last 3 days. While this wasn't the way I wanted to reach my goal of being 145 by the end of the month, I did it. 

Yesterday I would have gladly given back all 4 pounds. Today I still am sweaty and weak, but I am managing to type out real words on the computer (at least I think these are real words).

I think next year I will just get the flu shot! My hubby is really anti vaccine, but I will pass on all the fun next year.

Oh... I finally bought my "lost 50 lbs" reward. A zumba shirt! I still love my Zumba! There is only one girl that teaches it at the gym that rocks my world. She is actually overweight, but she works it every class and I feel like a super star when the class is over.

I can't believe I am only 15 lbs from goal! I hope I can get there by my 1 year mark! (June 24th)

Ok. My flu is taking over again. Off to bathroom I go!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sick but Skinnier

Wow! Was feeling funky before I went to bed last night! Woke up suddenly at 2:45am and knew if I wasn't sitting on the toilet in 10 seconds it was going to be messy! Barely made it and then continued to sit there on and off until about 7:30am. It was miserable. I thought I was going throw up at the same time, thank goodness I didn't. I was shivering and my lips were freezing. I soiled 3 different pj pants trying to run back to the bathroom. It wasn't my most glorious moments!

 I had to cancel my sub job for the day and barely made it through the day chasing after my kids. I am so lucky to be living with my in-laws and Jake's siblings. They really stepped in to help me today.

Tonight I have a fever and headache. Jake let me just pass out in bed all night. I finally made myself get up to help put the kids to bed and force food down my throat. 400 calories for the whole day. Haven't done that in a while.

I got on the scale. I was 149 yesterday and today I'm 146. And I thought there was no way of reaching 145 my the end of this month. Stomach bug took care of that no prob.

While I don't wish a night of the runs to anyone, it's still thrilling to see 3 lbs off the scale in 8 hrs! Pretty sure my fitbit tracker was really confused in sleep mode last night as I was out of bed every 5 mins.

Time to shower and maybe even brush my teeth for the day before I turn in. Good friends!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

NSV for the moment

I have a lower BMI than my husband! WOW! Tomorrow he will prob be down 5 lbs cause that is just how guys are, but I will enjoy it for the evening and take it as a challenge to reach an all time low this week!

Here is a cute pic from this weekend in Vegas. Will post more soon!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

An Equation!





Disclaimer.... If I reached 149 I would treat myself to Costa Vida kid's meal! YAY!!! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today is Tuesday....

In case you forgot.

Tried to do sort of a cleanse on Monday. Ate (well drank) 600 calories total. Scale this morning.... up a pound!

So uncool ya know?! But 3 hours later I got my period and I didn't hate my life as much. lol.

 I texted Jake " I hate my body" And he texted back.... "Well I don't". So...point for him.

This Friday is my BIRTHDAY! Turning 28 and heading to Vegas!!!

Wait wait wait....before you get all excited for me, remember I am mormon. lol. What happens in Vegas will prob stay in Vegas because it will just be too boring to share! haha.

Friday I am taking my sis-in-law down to South Utah University for the Senior Expo. We will get to see the campus and meet some other incoming freshman. I am excited to take her. We are two peas in a pod. Jake is coming too!

Since it's my birthday we are renting this for the weekend.....

and then we are gonna drive around and get all the birthday freebies that food places offer! lol. Friday night Jake's dad and bro are coming down and we are staying with some relative and then on Saturday we are heading to Vegas for the.....


 Either you are totally jealous or appalled at the moment! I am both usually, but it's a tradition for my father-in-laws side of the fam!

I will post lots of pics when I get back!

Oh, and... I fit into this dress today! I haven't been able to wear this dress for years! It felt so amazing to button it up!!! H&M size 10!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Week 38

Weight: 151.2   Loss .4 lbs

Happy to see a lose. Funny how sometimes just keep losing and gaining the same 3-4 pounds over and over again! I CAN'T wait to get to 149! I know it's so wrong, but I rewarding myself with food. A kid's sweet pork taco at Costa Vida. It comes with rice and beans and a cin tortilla. I did all the calorie count on it and it's about 550 calories. Not too shabby! So when I reach that 149, I will be in line for some sweet pork lovin!

Today was my last day subbing for a 3rd grade class! I was their sub for 6 days in a row and just fell in love with them all. I got to be super crafty and come up with fun activities to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! I had them wear green one day and we made "Luck Clovers" and had a coloring contest and made Leprechaun Mix (lucky charms, pretzels and mint m&m's). I got a double in kickball!! Yup. I was out there running the basis! They loved it. It was just a really great week. 

Off to help at a church function! I hope you guys have a great springy weekend!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Nights

I have been rocking the day diet wise. I can stay so focused. Muscle Milk for breakfast, a chobani for lunch, maybe a boiled egg, and rice cakes for snacks and lots of water.  I always start off soooo well. Then..... the sun starts to set. And my little ones are cranky, and I have done so well that I think I have all these calories, and then it's all down hill from there. A slice of 45 cal bread with a spoonful of peanut butter and honey here, finish the ice cream cone my kids didn't want to there, a few handfuls of popcorn, dinner, a few cadburry mini eggs ( I know Laura...they so are the devil).

I have found I am most successful when I don't eat after 6pm, and workout at night. I almost always see a loss the next day. But.... I am so busy with the night that I lose sight almost every time. Then once the kids get to bed I want to celebrate with eating, or the fact that I actually have the option to eat something that is not being grabbed out of my hand by a toddler.

I think tomorrow I am gonna try for the bigger breakfast and lunch and maybe a snack for dinner and see how that goes. But I just fear it will end up in 3 big meals and that will put me really behind.

I have been doing really well in my workouts. I work out at least 3 days a week, mostly 4 and sometimes 5.

My pattern has been lose 4 pounds in a week and then struggle the next 3 weeks to see any other loss. Sigh.

I really just want these last 20 lbs so bad!! 20 lbs by Aug is totally do-able! And 10 by June!

Oh.... my birthday is coming up next Saturday. Do I want a fit bit or the other device just like it some of you guys have? What's it called again? If you love yours let me know!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Week 37

Weight: 151.6 lbs  Loss: 2lbs

I have been so bad at blogging! Things are going well in Utah! Here are some things I've been up to!

~ Started a quit my job as a baker in the same week! After one day of tasting things a little bit too much I knew it wasn't worth all the hard work I've put into losing all this weight. And the people annoyed me too! And I was getting paid 1/4 of what I made as a teacher and working 3 times as hard.... so no thank you kitchen nazis!

~ I have started subbing! I really enjoyed being back at a high school one day, but have been subbing in an elementary school ever since. I do not like elementary school!! I have never felt so bossed around than from two days of subbing kindergarten! lol. Now I am doing a whole week of 3rd grade. Apparently it's cool to eat paper and had to ask kids to spit out their paper all day! 

~ Check out this pic of my bathroom! Two of the scales are mine and one is my sister in law. Me, Jess and Jake have been having health competitions every week so we use these darn things a lot! 

~ Today I rode my bike to the gym and did run/walk intervals. It felt AMAZING!!

~ Living with my in-laws in going well. My mother in law is so great to watch the kids while I sub some days, and it ROCKS not having to pay for heating and all that jazz. I have on the otherhand spent $300 on groceries in the past 9 days cause I've been
making dinners for everyone here most nights. I'm gonna have to re-think this!

~ We lost our dog Linkin. He got hit by a car last week at my parent's house. It was devestating. Jake and I have been dragging around since. Yesterday I went to wash our SUV and realized his nose prints are all over the windows still. I couldn't wash them off and cried the whole way home. My parent's had his cremated and at the end of March we will do a little service for him. Jake is really having a hard time it. I spent the whole day crying when it happened. I know the physical act of crying really helped me with healing. Jake just holds it all in and he is still really upset. I loved Linkin so much. He was our first baby ya know?! He was so loved.

~ I just want to eat! I want to chow down on chocolate cake, sweet pork tacos, those freakin amazing cadbury mini eggs! But... I want to be 149 by Monday! And you know I will get on all three of those scales to see if I did!!

~ I feel pretty lately. I don't feel fat at all. I fit into my college jeans now!!! I still look horrible in a bathing suit though. I have so much extra fat on my stomach. I will def need surgery, but don't know if I will ever be able to afford it. (sad face!). I wear med/large shirt/dress. Jeans I still am about 12/14. I fit in some 10's and my jeggings are a 9. My legs usually fit fine when I try size 10's, but the extra lovin on my stomach makes it hard to zip.

Ok! Besides my goal of 149, my other goal is to blog as least 3 times this coming week! Ok! Time to see if I could seduce my hubby. He has been too depressed about Linkin to even touch me! (sadface!!)