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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vegas! A place to contemplate life?!

I went to Vegas this past weekend for a Bachelorette party! These girls have been my best friends since High School and I love them to death, but the thought of them in little tiny mini dresses and bikini's all weekend made me a little bit nervous.
I get the the hotel and this is what I walk into seeing....

Do they even possess an inch of fat!?
I made this head dress for Sarah!

I have to admit. It was rough. At home, I feel so great. I feel skinny and beautiful and finally fit into my 1st size 8 ever!!! It was weird to feel like the fat girl again. I know these girls love me, but I just lost 70 pounds and still was the fat girl! There were almost tears. But, I pulled myself out of the room and said a prayer. A prayer asking God to just allow me to realize that I would never in a million years trade my life for a perfect body. And, asking him to just help me not compare myself all weekend and to just have fun. 
And ya know what?! I did have fun! I had so much fun!! I got asked to dance so many times. Guys were flirting up a storm with me. I actually did feel pretty and attractive. I think in a strange way, being overweight for so many years really helped me to be the funny, outgoing one. I can actually start and hold conversations with people.  My skinny girlfriends I feel lack that. Like...they feel they don't need to be nice or friendly to people because they are "beautiful". Annoying right?! 
I definitely learned a lot this weekend. I came home so happy to see my husband. While it was nice to have some male attention, it just didn't compare to my awesome marriage. I saw a lot of my girlfriends struggle not to step over boundaries with some guys. It is scary how alcohol can really alter what is right and wrong. Since I don't drink, I was kind of the momma bear of the weekend, literally stopping friends from walking away with guys, or pulling guys off them on the dance floors (all of my girlfriends are married or in serious relationships). Man. Vegas! Wow! 

But all in all, I had a blast! Got no sleep. Lost my voice completely. :o) (which means....awesome weekend!!)

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