My Journey

Monday, June 25, 2012

One Year Bandiversary!

I couldn't remember for the life of me why June 24th was something I needed to remember. Then last night about 8pm it clicked.... I've been banded 1 WHOLE year!!

I have been enjoying looking back through these posts and just seeing the good days and the bad days. What a crazy incredible year it's been. I would never ever change my decision to have this surgery! It was the push I needed to find myself again.

It is soo scary to look at the pictures of myself from before surgery. I only have a few. How did I get to that point? I seriously was so unhappy in that body. It was so hard for me to get dressed for work, go out with friends, and be with my family. Just moving was uncomfortable. I felt like an alien inside my body.

Throughout the last year, I really went through the typical ups and downs. It became apparently very early on that my body wasn't just going to shed the weight. I had to put effort and dedication into every single pound. And, honestly, that is exactly how I learned how control myself, and push myself.

I never once have thrown up with the band. I have learned I am tight in the morning. I have learned that sometimes eating way low calories AND exercising doesn't make you lose weight faster. I learned I gain about 4-5 lbs in water weight before my periods. I have learned that the strawberry muscle milk is way better than the others. I know that I can run now. I feel empty going a day without working out. I now fit into ALL my "skinny" clothes from college and actually some are too big. I learned I will never be able to look good in a bikini (my tummy will need a tuck one day!), but I look pretty cute in a one piece.

This little snippet was from my 1st post before my surgery....

"Ok. Let me be honest. My fat maternity jeans have never seen a day of pregnancy. I bought them POST baby #2 cause I didn't want to have to face what size I might really be."

 I just want to hug that old me. Tell her 'she can do this'. I am still telling myself that. 

I def need to thank you all for just being a great support system. This blog was exactly what I needed to be successful. A place to brag, vent, and learn. I haven't been posting as much but I still do read and appreciate all your posts, and comments. I will continue to post cause...well I still have 10 pounds to go people! And heck.... ideally I would like to lose another 20-25 lbs. Maybe after baby #3 whenever that happens! 

Well.... check out the pics below cause wow...they are crazy. Can I put lost 70 lbs on my resume?! lol. 


This prob isnt the best "after shot" since I'm in an oversized shirt but whatev.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Me I Miss....not so much

If you look over to the right you will see a cute lil pic of me labeled, The Me I Miss.

I am now 10 lighter than that "me"! So I guess I don't miss her anymore!

     The new me! 10 years older, but 10 lbs lighter! :o)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weight On The Heart is the Heaviest

I don't know why I come to this blog to vent sometimes. I guess I feel safe here. I feel like this is a community that doesn't judge. I like that.

Some good news first.....

I interviewed and accepted a job teaching next school year. It's middle school which terrifies me! It's a little inner city, which makes it a double whammy. It's the school I mentioned before with the 9 kids in line for the principals office when I interviewed. While it's not my dream job, I am hoping I can make a difference to some kids and find love for them. And it sure helps that the classes are only 50min right?!

Bad news.....

Can't locate my tenant renting my house. Her phone has been disconnected and I ain't seen a check for June! Ug! Here we go right?!

Jake's brothers own a long boarding  business which they are horrible at running! Like I am talking they took everyone's money and spent it and then didn't make their boards. They are still making orders from 6 months ago! It's awful. So we stepped in to help, giving them the money to buy supplies to make the longboards for their customers who paid them. We shut off all orders coming in and Jake and I have put in hrs of going through angry emails and re-organizing their finances and repairing their wrongs. The only problem..... they are still the laziest unmotivated business owners I have ever met. They sit around and argue for hrs and get nothing accomplished all day. I want to rip out my hair. We found them an investor who offered them everything they want and they still turned it down! My heart breaks for them and their constant bad choices. They can't humble themselves and see what a good thing this would be.

Other sad news.... I am plowing through a who bag of popcorn with caramel. But I ate like 300 cal all day and just worked out and am down another pound so....sue me.

Oh, but to end with good news...... I am flying home on Thurs!!!!! Well, I am flying into NJ where my parents will meet us at the airport and take the kiddies and me and JAke will head to Diana's wedding for 3 days. So, it's our vacation for the year. Not exactly a dream vacation, but I love a good wedding. I get to see all my girlfriends (all my bridesmaids) and show off my 70 weight loss! and then we are going to NY to spend a few days with my parents. I. Can. Not. Wait.

I am going to try to get to 139 by Thurs. (I know the popcorn isn't helping!) I am 142 now, so I will just give it my hardest and see what happens! I have to say that when I was booking hotels how important it was for me to find a hotel that had a little gym. Last year this time I was stuffing my face knowing I wouldn't be able to in a few short weeks! lol.

Pictures to come soon of my great week in the east!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Week 49 - Finally Beat The Plateau From Hell

Weight: 143.2 lbs   Loss: 2 lbs that I have been dying for!

I admit it. I was that person so infuriated with my plateau that I didn't even want to write on my blog. I didn't gain any weight....just bounced around between 148 and 145 for weeks and weeks on end! I wasn't sitting on my butt either. I was still working out 4-5 times a week and eating really well. Well.....until friday came and I was pissed at the scale and went a little crazy on the weekends and was back to trying really hard on Monday. UGG!

This past week I tried doing 2 days mostly liquids and got down to 143.2lbs. My dr gave me a stimulant to kick up my metabolism. I have only used it 1 day and WOW it makes me feel like I am on speed (I think, if that's what speed does!) Not sure if I can get used to that. Might try it for a week and see.

I do feel good though. I fit into a size 10 and med shirts. I actually wore a bathing suit at the pool all day yesterday. 

At H&M trying on Clothes

Can finally set the scale thingey at 100!

Anyway. I have lots of updates to write, but my bro is visiting with my nephew and it's time to play! 
Hope you are all doing great! I still read when I can. You all look FAB!