My Journey

Thursday, April 26, 2012

10 Things Thursday - Big Decisions Version

1. Someone asked me if I was preg  today! This has happened to be like 5 times in the last little while. I have a def little baby pooch (I guess more like a 4 month baby  pooch!) I wear a med top and 10 in pants, so I know I don't look fat.  Don't people know NEVER to ask such a question?! This might have offended me  in the past but I feel really great about myself so I just think it's funny and can't wait to start saving for some plastic surgery after baby #3!

2. Good News...  I got offered a job today...a full time teaching job for next school year.

3. Bad News... It's middle school. And when I was interviewing like 15 punk kids were in line for the principals  office! NOT a good sign!

4.  Jake and I are having this struggle between what is more important..... both of us working full time for a year to get out of some debt giving us the money to move out and get our own place, or me working part time subbing and being home with the kids more, but not getting out of debt and being stuck at his in-laws for a long time and struggling to pay the bills. We both are on the fence.

5. We want to start trying for baby #3 this summer, so this might be the perfect year to work full time to have better benefits when the baby comes. Jake's insurance sucks!

6. Do I want to be preg and working full time? Or would chasing around two toddlers while being pregnant be worse??

7. I have made about 50 lists and charts trying to decide what to do.

8. I would miss my kids. But I know I can still be a good mom with the time I have with them.

9. If I took the full time job I would be able to put $2000/month towards debt...compared to part time and $500/month.

10. If you guys could decide for me that would be great!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This morning as I was getting dressed I was pressing on my stomach (wishing my extra flabby would disappear) when I noticed a hard bump inside my stomach. I literally saw my life flash before my eyes. I thought, "oh my gosh, I have a tumor". I had Jake feel it and he freaked out a bit too. I felt dizzy and nervous thinking there was something very wrong here.

It wasn't until I was driving that I remembered that I once had lapband surgery! Duh!! But my port as always been directly next to my belly button. This bump was 2 inches above my belly button.

As soon as I could I did some research and found out it was somewhat common for the port to move up as you lose significant weight. PHEW! I haven't ever been able to feel my port before and wow.... it's REALLY noticeable now!

Has this happened to anyone else? Notice the port trans-porting itself?

I am going to go back to being grumpy lady now. Don't ask my friends.....don't ask.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Week 43

Weight: 145.2 lbs Loss: see below

3 weeks ago after my flu I weighed 145.2, but the past three weeks of my own little eating fest my weight crept back up to 149. boo. But, I worked out every day this week, ate pretty darn well and got back down to 145.2! Yippee!! 3.8 lbs since mon. ahhh. 

Jake lost like 6 pounds. He has been working so hard. He DOES NOT cheat on his diet. He puts me to shame when at 8pm I am looking through the pantry! :o)

We are going to keep the momentum going for another week. My big fear is that I will blow it all this weekend. I have Girls Night Out tonight and tomorrow we are having our "cheat meal". I can do this though right? (I will not miss popcorn and coke at the movies right?! ummmmm.)

I am craving some shopping.... must mean I am getting my period soon. (Anyone else have the urge to shop when they get their period?) 

Hope to bring a good report for next week.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Don't Be A Fattie Week!

So after a scary week of  sugars and carbs, I was so excited to get back on track, and back to a happy relationship with my scale! I have been trying to convince Jake to just try my diet for 2 weeks.  He caved!! He's 3 days in and has lost 4lbs so far. I have lost about 3. We keep this chart on the wall. It contains about 5 or 6 things. Winner gets to pick where we have our 1 cheat meal for the week on Saturday! :o)
We started day 1 with just liquids and day 2 was mushies and today was back to normal. I just felt like I needed to cleanse the carbs and sugar out. I feel so much better. I am almost back down to my lowest!! We've been working out everyday too. I peed like 18 times yesterday from all the water I've been drinking.

Sometimes losing weight is so much fun! ha. I guess when you are losing right?!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Not A Good Report

I suck this week. Like really bad. Like ate horribly all week and just came home and made peanut butter cookies with the hershey kiss in the middle and can't even remember how many I ate. 

I lost so much weight being sick(down to 144) and then in 2 days gained all the damn weight back (148) without even eating bad.

Then I just said "screw it" for the week my parents came out but I am still up to my no good eating. I worked out 3 times this week and prob will tomorrow.

I am scared of the scale. I prob will work my butt off starting Sunday and weigh in next Fri. I hoping to at least get to a 147.

I bought a dress for my June wedding. Looks just like this. H&M. Medium. The large was just a tad big. The med is just a tad tight. 10 pounds and it would be perfect.  This dress is my motivation! Holy Moly I gotta stop eating!

That is all. Hope everyone is having a better week than me!!

(I have to say having a bad week post surgery is so different from a bad week pre- surgery. Post surgery I still eat really small meals and consider 1/2 cheeseburger and 4 onion rings with fry sauce a total failure when in truth it's prob 500 calories max....but 6-8 cookies I ate today are bad in every single way!)