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Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Week 40 - The Flu Diet

Weight: 145.2 lbs  Loss:  6 lbs (from 2 weeks ago)

My stomach bug turned out to be a full blown flu. I have never had the flu before. I pretty much wanted to die yesterday. I was sweating but freezing, fever, shaking, pounding headache, totally disoriented and just plain miserable. It was a glorious moment last night when my fever broke. I could still barely walk or function but I could at least smile and hug my kids.  I lost 4.5 pounds in the last 3 days. While this wasn't the way I wanted to reach my goal of being 145 by the end of the month, I did it. 

Yesterday I would have gladly given back all 4 pounds. Today I still am sweaty and weak, but I am managing to type out real words on the computer (at least I think these are real words).

I think next year I will just get the flu shot! My hubby is really anti vaccine, but I will pass on all the fun next year.

Oh... I finally bought my "lost 50 lbs" reward. A zumba shirt! I still love my Zumba! There is only one girl that teaches it at the gym that rocks my world. She is actually overweight, but she works it every class and I feel like a super star when the class is over.

I can't believe I am only 15 lbs from goal! I hope I can get there by my 1 year mark! (June 24th)

Ok. My flu is taking over again. Off to bathroom I go!

Happy Friday!


  1. So sorry your feeling awful hon. Way to go on the loss anyway. Feel better soon!

    Cute shirt too. Happy Friday.

  2. Hi Stace! I just started following your blog yesterday, and I must say, I really love your story. Your family is adorable and I am sorry that I missed meeting you when you were so close in Bmore. I live in Harrisburg and will be banded 4/26 (can't wait!) I hope that you feel better soon... take care.

  3. I had the stomach flu before and it's miserable! Hope you feel better soon!

    Love that shirt, so cute!

  4. Feel better :) Love the shirt!!

  5. Anti-vaccine? Boo! Get your flu shot!

    Hope you're feeling better. :)