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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sick but Skinnier

Wow! Was feeling funky before I went to bed last night! Woke up suddenly at 2:45am and knew if I wasn't sitting on the toilet in 10 seconds it was going to be messy! Barely made it and then continued to sit there on and off until about 7:30am. It was miserable. I thought I was going throw up at the same time, thank goodness I didn't. I was shivering and my lips were freezing. I soiled 3 different pj pants trying to run back to the bathroom. It wasn't my most glorious moments!

 I had to cancel my sub job for the day and barely made it through the day chasing after my kids. I am so lucky to be living with my in-laws and Jake's siblings. They really stepped in to help me today.

Tonight I have a fever and headache. Jake let me just pass out in bed all night. I finally made myself get up to help put the kids to bed and force food down my throat. 400 calories for the whole day. Haven't done that in a while.

I got on the scale. I was 149 yesterday and today I'm 146. And I thought there was no way of reaching 145 my the end of this month. Stomach bug took care of that no prob.

While I don't wish a night of the runs to anyone, it's still thrilling to see 3 lbs off the scale in 8 hrs! Pretty sure my fitbit tracker was really confused in sleep mode last night as I was out of bed every 5 mins.

Time to shower and maybe even brush my teeth for the day before I turn in. Good friends!


  1. I hope you feel better soon! That's definitely not a fun way to lose weight!

  2. Oh no, I hope that doesn't happen again tonight. That would be zero fun! :(

    Though, you know, I endorse a good stomach bug every now and again to clean ya out. lol

  3. There is a line from the Devil Wears Prada - she says that she is a stomach flu away from her goal weight... it is one of my favorite lines EVER! Feel better soon!! xx