My Journey

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Nights

I have been rocking the day diet wise. I can stay so focused. Muscle Milk for breakfast, a chobani for lunch, maybe a boiled egg, and rice cakes for snacks and lots of water.  I always start off soooo well. Then..... the sun starts to set. And my little ones are cranky, and I have done so well that I think I have all these calories, and then it's all down hill from there. A slice of 45 cal bread with a spoonful of peanut butter and honey here, finish the ice cream cone my kids didn't want to there, a few handfuls of popcorn, dinner, a few cadburry mini eggs ( I know Laura...they so are the devil).

I have found I am most successful when I don't eat after 6pm, and workout at night. I almost always see a loss the next day. But.... I am so busy with the night that I lose sight almost every time. Then once the kids get to bed I want to celebrate with eating, or the fact that I actually have the option to eat something that is not being grabbed out of my hand by a toddler.

I think tomorrow I am gonna try for the bigger breakfast and lunch and maybe a snack for dinner and see how that goes. But I just fear it will end up in 3 big meals and that will put me really behind.

I have been doing really well in my workouts. I work out at least 3 days a week, mostly 4 and sometimes 5.

My pattern has been lose 4 pounds in a week and then struggle the next 3 weeks to see any other loss. Sigh.

I really just want these last 20 lbs so bad!! 20 lbs by Aug is totally do-able! And 10 by June!

Oh.... my birthday is coming up next Saturday. Do I want a fit bit or the other device just like it some of you guys have? What's it called again? If you love yours let me know!!


  1. Great job on the workouts hon! Don't beat yourself up though, it's a process and one I know you can achieve!

  2. I get in those habits too. I try to keep things on hand that I can eat like tea, 100 calorie popcorn packs sprinkled with Molly McCheese, and Popsicles.

  3. Ughhhhh, Cadbury eggs.....ugggghhhhhhh.

    Yay! Birthdays!!!

    Maybe have bigger meals earlier....may help! Or pre-make your dinner so when you get home you can just eat it and then take care of the kiddos???? IDK.

  4. I, too, will lose 5 pounds overnight, then nothing for the next two weeks. It drives me crazy.

  5. I love my FitBit, you should get one! :)

    I had the same problem with late night snacking, but I just told myself no eating past 7:00 pm anymore, unless I'm out with friends. Then there are no rules. lol

  6. Love my FitBit! Totally worth purchasing!