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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Week 49 - Finally Beat The Plateau From Hell

Weight: 143.2 lbs   Loss: 2 lbs that I have been dying for!

I admit it. I was that person so infuriated with my plateau that I didn't even want to write on my blog. I didn't gain any weight....just bounced around between 148 and 145 for weeks and weeks on end! I wasn't sitting on my butt either. I was still working out 4-5 times a week and eating really well. Well.....until friday came and I was pissed at the scale and went a little crazy on the weekends and was back to trying really hard on Monday. UGG!

This past week I tried doing 2 days mostly liquids and got down to 143.2lbs. My dr gave me a stimulant to kick up my metabolism. I have only used it 1 day and WOW it makes me feel like I am on speed (I think, if that's what speed does!) Not sure if I can get used to that. Might try it for a week and see.

I do feel good though. I fit into a size 10 and med shirts. I actually wore a bathing suit at the pool all day yesterday. 

At H&M trying on Clothes

Can finally set the scale thingey at 100!

Anyway. I have lots of updates to write, but my bro is visiting with my nephew and it's time to play! 
Hope you are all doing great! I still read when I can. You all look FAB!


  1. looking good!! keep it up!

    i may try the 2 day liquids too...I am on a plateau.

  2. You're looking great Stace! All the exercise is definitely paying off.

  3. Missed you doll! You are looking so freeaking awesome! I understand not wanting to blog when the weight keeps bouncing up and down. Enjoy your time with your brother.