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Monday, June 25, 2012

One Year Bandiversary!

I couldn't remember for the life of me why June 24th was something I needed to remember. Then last night about 8pm it clicked.... I've been banded 1 WHOLE year!!

I have been enjoying looking back through these posts and just seeing the good days and the bad days. What a crazy incredible year it's been. I would never ever change my decision to have this surgery! It was the push I needed to find myself again.

It is soo scary to look at the pictures of myself from before surgery. I only have a few. How did I get to that point? I seriously was so unhappy in that body. It was so hard for me to get dressed for work, go out with friends, and be with my family. Just moving was uncomfortable. I felt like an alien inside my body.

Throughout the last year, I really went through the typical ups and downs. It became apparently very early on that my body wasn't just going to shed the weight. I had to put effort and dedication into every single pound. And, honestly, that is exactly how I learned how control myself, and push myself.

I never once have thrown up with the band. I have learned I am tight in the morning. I have learned that sometimes eating way low calories AND exercising doesn't make you lose weight faster. I learned I gain about 4-5 lbs in water weight before my periods. I have learned that the strawberry muscle milk is way better than the others. I know that I can run now. I feel empty going a day without working out. I now fit into ALL my "skinny" clothes from college and actually some are too big. I learned I will never be able to look good in a bikini (my tummy will need a tuck one day!), but I look pretty cute in a one piece.

This little snippet was from my 1st post before my surgery....

"Ok. Let me be honest. My fat maternity jeans have never seen a day of pregnancy. I bought them POST baby #2 cause I didn't want to have to face what size I might really be."

 I just want to hug that old me. Tell her 'she can do this'. I am still telling myself that. 

I def need to thank you all for just being a great support system. This blog was exactly what I needed to be successful. A place to brag, vent, and learn. I haven't been posting as much but I still do read and appreciate all your posts, and comments. I will continue to post cause...well I still have 10 pounds to go people! And heck.... ideally I would like to lose another 20-25 lbs. Maybe after baby #3 whenever that happens! 

Well.... check out the pics below cause wow...they are crazy. Can I put lost 70 lbs on my resume?! lol. 


This prob isnt the best "after shot" since I'm in an oversized shirt but whatev.


  1. You look fantastic and are such an inspiration! Happy Bandiversary!! xxx

  2. Congrats! What a great year! You are a hottie!

  3. Congratulations and Happy Bandiversary!!! My one year mark is coming up on Saturday. You look great.

  4. Aww, you look so happy! Happy bandiversary. :)

  5. Now you've made me cry. I am so proud of you!!

  6. WOW!! Congrats on you anniversary! You have done AMAZING!! I'm so proud of you...almost to goal weight - you are my hero :-)

  7. You look beautiful! So proud of you! Xxoo

  8. Happy Bandiversary! You look so great!

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