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Thursday, April 26, 2012

10 Things Thursday - Big Decisions Version

1. Someone asked me if I was preg  today! This has happened to be like 5 times in the last little while. I have a def little baby pooch (I guess more like a 4 month baby  pooch!) I wear a med top and 10 in pants, so I know I don't look fat.  Don't people know NEVER to ask such a question?! This might have offended me  in the past but I feel really great about myself so I just think it's funny and can't wait to start saving for some plastic surgery after baby #3!

2. Good News...  I got offered a job today...a full time teaching job for next school year.

3. Bad News... It's middle school. And when I was interviewing like 15 punk kids were in line for the principals  office! NOT a good sign!

4.  Jake and I are having this struggle between what is more important..... both of us working full time for a year to get out of some debt giving us the money to move out and get our own place, or me working part time subbing and being home with the kids more, but not getting out of debt and being stuck at his in-laws for a long time and struggling to pay the bills. We both are on the fence.

5. We want to start trying for baby #3 this summer, so this might be the perfect year to work full time to have better benefits when the baby comes. Jake's insurance sucks!

6. Do I want to be preg and working full time? Or would chasing around two toddlers while being pregnant be worse??

7. I have made about 50 lists and charts trying to decide what to do.

8. I would miss my kids. But I know I can still be a good mom with the time I have with them.

9. If I took the full time job I would be able to put $2000/month towards debt...compared to part time and $500/month.

10. If you guys could decide for me that would be great!



  1. You gotta make a pro and con list and just keep adding to it so the answer becomes clear.

  2. LOL, wouldn't it be nice to have someone make our decisions? :)

  3. To me reading this it sounds like you are already leaning in one direction over the other......

  4. There can be such a stigma in certain circles (you know what I mean by that Stace) about being a working mother. I know they say these are the formative years in your kids, and that is true. However, I speak from experience when I say I don't remember much about my life before 6 or 7. I do however remember all the struggles my parents had financially because my mom stayed home with us during those years. I don't condone one over the other, but thought I'd throw that in.

  5. For my 2 pennies worth, go full time, clear some of your debts off and have more of a chance to enjoy all 3 of your children after next year. You rushed back after having your first 2, I would think it would be nicer to not be in that position again.