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Monday, October 24, 2011

4 Month Bandiversary!

I wanted sooo bad to have lost 40lbs at my 4 month mark but this morning it showed I was shy 1 lb. Bummer.... but then again.... Holy Amazing 4 months!

I feel so great. I am not dragging my feet to get changed in the morning, or immediately ripping off my clothes after work to get into sweats.

I even notice guys flirting with me even.  Trust me....they got nothing on my hubby!

I have been so absent to the blogland lately. The cupcake orders have been flooding in.....prob not the best timing with Jake and the babies leaving next Thurs. The wedding consumed my life for a good week and now I am just trying to recover while still being insanely busy! My parents are coming in this week, and Jake's dad flies in this Sunday. We are trying to sell a lot of things, trying to get some renters in for a few months to help with moving costs. It's CRAZY over here people!!

me tonight
This morning I woke up in a complete panic to find out it was 7:45am. I am supposed to be at school at 7:30am, and I live 30 min away. And so was the start of my day! Life is nuts, but things with my kids and hubby are great.... except for the coxsackie virus Zoey got while we were in NY. A nice high fever of 103 that meant being super grumpy for days. Zoey was pretty grumpy too. :o) She would get up 5 or 6 times a night and would need to be rocked back to sleep. Ug! Killer for sure! But gosh I love my little family and the little life we have built here.

Oh, I still have yet to exercise, and I haven't really been paying much attention to my food. Last time I went grocery shopping was over a month ago. We are living off our entertainment book lately, which means lots of fast food. Not proud of it, but I realize these last few weeks and these next few weeks will be so rare. I will have lots of time to re-focus once I am a lonely lady. I keep losing weight. I guess I never stop moving, and my band won't let me eat a lot. Thank goodness because it might have gotten ugly with such restriction!

I really hope you guys are doing great. I think of you guys. I am always wondering how you are. I will get caught up soon.

Off to watch Castle with Jake and hoping to get some.......


  1. Happy Bandiversary!! I think you are doing great!!

  2. Happy Bandiversary! I love following your blog. You've been a great source of inspiration. Keep up the good work :)

  3. Happy Bandiversary - you are looking amazing, you tiny little thing you!!

    GREAT job!!

  4. HAPPY BANDIVERSARY! You look fab!!! Enjoy the night!!!

  5. 39lbs in 4 months is so not something to be disapointed in! You look great!

    Don't forget during all this madness to take a moment to breath! yay!

  6. Happy Bandiversary!!! You are looking awesome!!

  7. Fantastic loss in 4 months hon!
    Happy Bandiversary!!

  8. Happy late bandiversary. :) I think that's how much I'd lost by my 4 month (almost exactly), so you're doing fabulously!

  9. That's awesome! You've done so good in 4 months! We've missed you in blog land!