My Journey

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: Week 18 ( usual)

Weight: 171.8   Loss:  1.2 lbs

Well after drinking hardly enough water, no veggies, maybe 2 servings of fruit, lots of frosting and cake from all my cupcake making, carbs galore, goin to zumba once,  I CAN NOT BELIEVE my scale. How in the world am I losing weight? I knew I was putting my diet aside for a few weeks with everything going on at the moment and have been prepared to see a weight gain. I might just be losing all the muscle I had been building for my slacking in exercise. Maybe I am seriously dehydrated.

I have been crazy stressed out, and skipping meals here and there without even realizing, so maybe that is why too. I deliver my last big order of cupcakes this afternoon....I can't wait!! The cupcake all turned out great though. Below are pics for one of my orders.

mummy cake pops

cat cake pops

I was excited to reach my 40lb goal and got a new watch! It fits great and isn't as huge as the other manly one I have been sporting!

Well.... woke up to snow this morning. Besides having to deliver cupcakes early this morning, I am enjoying being back in my sweat pants and hoodie (both way too big now). Our kids sleep in now (till 9am at least which is just maical!) Jake made us french toast, Logan is napping now, and Zoey is glued to Nick Jr. So happy to be with all my fav people this morning. I feel relaxed and good. Just going to enjoy our last Sat together in Balt.

ok. Jake is selling the pick up truck. Gotta help him make an invoice!


  1. Congrats on the loss! Okay those cupcakes and pops look AMAZING!! And the watch is super cute! Enjoy being home in the snow with your family!

  2. great job on all those treats & most importantly the loss!!! don't question it, just accept it.

  3. You have made me hungry!!!!!!
    We should seriously try to get together before you move. Let me know if you get a free evening or weekend day any time soon.

  4. Are those buttercream? They look delish !