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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: Week 14 - A little late (Cute Pics!)

                                                        Weight: 178.4 lbs    Loss: .2 lbs

I was so busy out of my mind that 1 only worked out once last week. It was one of those weeks where I had to choose between seeing my kids that day and working out. Working out will just never be as important as being with my kids! Not working out paired with not focusing on my eating equals not much weight loss. I didn't over eat, but I wasn't counting calories either.

Well you are all partying it up at Boobs I am in Utah visiting the In Laws. I know. Sounds like torture right, but I have lovely in laws thank goodness. Not that I could ever stay longer than 5 days, or live in the house next door to them (my issues, not theirs). I was seriously dreading this trip though. Flying 5 hours on the plane with my 2 super active kidos is enough is send me into cardiac arrest just thinking about it. I was sure I wasn't going to be alive by the time we touched town in Salt Lake City, or them for that matter. The flight was full. Jake and I couldn't even sit in the same row because they have regulation against 2 lap babies in 1 row. So..we sat closest to the window and he sat directly behind me. I had Logan, he had Zoey. I packed 2 beautifully done diaper bags filled with snacks, lunch and bottles and binkies and books and toys and diapers, wipes and changes of clothes, dvd players, movies... Well... they did a great job on the plane. I got Logan to sleep by holding him so tight so he couldn't move and just had to give in to sleep. Same with Zoey. Jake and I traded the kids back and forth. A little crying, a little pee incident on Jake's shirt, but overall a B+. I guess we will keep them!

We have been having a really nice time here. I got up at 6am and went for a walk on Fri and this morning I went to Zumba. I walked out of the class at first cause it wasn't even close to the high intensity Zumba I was used to and was bored and the instructor was pretty obnoxious. I found a tread mill, ran/walked 10 min and realized I sure didn't wanna be doing that either, so I went  back into Zumba and it ended up being a pretty good workout regardless of the overly happy bouncy boob instructor. 

I have been eating at all my fav restaurants here (there are too many to count)  but have been eating small portions and I've been doing a muscle milk for breakfast. I weighed myself at the gym and it was 179 and I was happy with that. I haven't denied myself any treats (candy corn, homemade cinn rolls, sweet pork at Coasta Vida, gourmet burger at JCW's.) I don't feel guilty. I know I will get back to get into gear and continue kicking that scales butt!!

Tomorrow we head up to Logan where I lived 5 years that I went to Utah State Unversity. I am giddy with excitement to step on campus and be flooded with the wonderful memories I made there! There are like 5 restaurants there I LOVE and having to choose only 1 is gonna suck! are some family photo's we took yesterday. There are more to come.


  1. Wow - you're doing so good Stace!!! Keep at it girl!!! Enjoy your holiday and I definitely know you can whoop that scale's butt!!! enjoy the family time - your kids are oh-so-gorgeous!

  2. sounds like you are having a great trip. glad the flight there went well....i remember the dread of flying with two little ones. are kicking butt already!

  3. Absolutely beautiful pictures!! Thank you for sharing!! Enjoy your family time - you deserve it!!

  4. Huge victory to lose after traveling and having your exercise routine disrupted! Great job!

  5. the pics! Such a beautiful family!!