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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Miss Monroe: Something refreshing!

" Hmmmm...this controversial issue is a hot topic these days, but back in the fifties it was about being fit and healthy and happy. About being a better person, NOT about striving to be a size double zero 00! Some say that she was a size 12, some say 16! Let me show you some evidence which might reveal what size Marilyn really was. Enjoy lovlies!
Star Her measurements were recorded by her dressmaker as 36-23-37 and sometimes fluctuated between that and 36-24-37. If you think about that it's not a size 0! But, that is a waist size that is genetically tiny, especially with those curves! "
If you want to read more, I found this info at the website below!


  1. that's a great picture of her.

  2. Ah, to have lived in an era when women were real...

  3. Real women... those were the days. Those were the days when we aspired to be - "real women"... It's pretty sad to think that young girls today don't understand that concept..

    Thank you for posting! Terrific post!

  4. Love this! This is really more like how women should look and not the stick thin stuff we see in magazines!

  5. I love that picture - it's so freaking true.