My Journey

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My scale is lame-o. I knew that the weeks when I wasn't focusing at all on my diet and still losing weight that it would turn around to bite me in the butt!

Well I have been working out a ton, like going to group fitness then coming home and raking leaves for 2 hours, and working out and then cleaning the house, and I have been trying to get so much done that I have been not eating a ton...maybe 1300 calories max, and of course the scale is up to 170 today. Darn it all!

so... funny story.... Background info... My normal Zumba instructor who I love is an amazing booty shaker. I have become SO good at inappropriately moving my body I could probably get a job as a cage dancer! Yesterday I went to a Zumba class I hadn't been to before and the instructor pulled me up to do one of the numbers with her so everyone could see how I moved my body.It was both exciting and terrifying! Keep in mind I grew up dancing and teaching hip hop, so I kinda felt like I cheated, but it felt really good to know I still got it in me! Maybe I will give Jake that lap dance he has been begging me for since we got married!! Ok, so this wasn't a funny story at all. I lead a boring life.

In other interesting things..... my feet have shrunk!This is exciting because after having Zoey I was a 8.5, 9 and now I am more 7.5, 8. I finally can fit into my shoes! And I might have bought 4 pairs of shoes on Saturday in celebration! (oh gosh....please don't be reading this Jake! In my defense one pair was $3- cute red ballet flats)

Anyway. I'm just blabbing today. I secretly am hoping I am getting my period. I has been exactly a month since I got mine, but that means nothing to my body. I want it so I can not hate the scale so much and I want it now so I won't have it on me and Jake's overnighter when I flight out to Utah in a few weeks!!!

Ok... Don't forget to send those Secret Bandit gifts earlier this month ladies!!


  1. so many people talk about the feet getting smaller thing, and I SOOO don't get it! lol but that's exciting!! i thought your zumba story was funny and entertaining, if that counts for anything! :)

  2. Thanks for the reminder about the secret bandit gifts... I gotta get my booty to the store and pick up my gift. :)

    Also, you go girl! Give him that dang lap dance. LOL

  3. I think that's a great story about your booty shake! Great NSV.

    And the shoes! Ohhhhh shoes. I kinda secretly hate you that you got shoes for $3. But not really. ;-)