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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Over Eater Amongst The Under Eaters

I have a house-mate. She suffers from an eating disorder. She is sweet and lovely, but her eating disorder really takes up a lot of her time, since she has to be in a program to deal with it. Tonight she asked if I would go to her family night at her support group. I was more than happy to go as her support system.

They served dinner 1st. I guess I figured I would just eat my small little portion and be on my way. Um... not the case!! The dietician basically implied to me that if I didn't finish everything on my plate, then I shouldn't ever come back again and I would make all the people there with eating disorders uncomfortable. (OH geez. What did I get myself into!!) And it's not like they eat as they please.... they have to EAT A LOT. I HAD to have a soda or juice loaded with sugar and calories. No diet soda or water allowed. I HAD to have roast beef, gravy, mashed potatoes, dinner roll with butter, veggies, chocolate milk AND ICE CREAM! Then the workers sit there and watch everyone eat! All the students in the program ate all their food no problem and then there I was...... taking the ENTIRE hour to eat the food on my plate. Man. It was hard to eat all that and not get stuck or too full. It was also hard mentally to eat that much. I have gotten so used to my small meals. I felt so guilty eating that much which is what most of these girls must feel as well.

After the hour, they come around and make sure everything on the plate is eaten. I tried to hide my uneaten ice cream, but of course they call me out!! lol. So weird to be getting in trouble for not eating all my dessert!!

It was weird to be in such an opposite place with my relationship with food. It is like we are taught not to drink with our meals, not to have carbs (they need 2 servings of carbs at each meal), no desserts for us, they have to have desserts at both lunch and dinner, they have to have snacks, the more food the better.

Regardless we are the same in where food has gotten us to a place where we needed to be medically treated. They talked about their issues with Thanksgiving coming up. All are terrified to be surrounded by so much food all day, but then again..... aren't we all a little nervous about Thanksgiving coming up?

Anyway. It was quite the experience. I am glad Becca looks to me for support. I hope that the both of us can live out our lives having a healthy relationship with food.


  1. Wow. That's a different perspective. However, if you're trying to be healthy, wouldn't/shouldn't they understand that? Idk, I just think that it's wrong to force someone who just there to support to eat unlike they normally do. But I do understand that could effect the other people. But wow. Just wow.

  2. and can't that much food make you really sick? I think you should have the option. I might have to tell my friend I support her but will have to find another venue to show my support.

  3. Wow, that's crazy! It is weird seeing things from a different perspective. I've definitely never had that problem before!