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Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: Week 19

Weight: 172. 6  Boo.    Gain: 1.6 lbs

Well.... there it is. The gain. I knew it was unavoidable with how I have been eating the last week. My parent's were in town, Halloween, Jake's dad flew in and they worked 3 days straight on repairs around the house. I took half days at work all week and was consumed in watching the kids, loving on them and packing. My eating was pretty sad. I would skip meals and then feast on pb m&m's cause they were there. Stupid stuff like that. I haven't worked out in so long. The gain is well deserved. I am not too upset about it.

The goodbye's to Jake and the kids really sucked. I cried. Of course. There weren't enough kisses in the world to say goodbye to them. I got to Skype with them a bit last night. Zoey kept kissing the computer. I miss them. I miss Jake. I didn't really get to spend any time with him. Zoey slept in our bed the last night and Jake was up till 2am scrambling to get things done. I barely got to say 10 words to him in the past week. I miss my husband so much. Plus....the garbage was just staring at me when I woke up this morning, and then I really missed him!!

My best friend flew in last night! It was good to have a distaction. I love her!! We got Sonic (took 45 min to get our food! Serves us right eating crap so late at night) and then went home and watched Burlesque on my bed. One of my favorite movies! Today we are venturing to DC and maybe some shopping and then our friend's play and then "fancy black tie formal" which I still have nothing to wear!

Next week I become the perfect lapband patient who eats the right foods and works out like crazy! I want to loose AT LEAST 10 lbs before I see Jake in Dec!

Happy Friday Ladies!!! And.... Secret Bandit!! I love you and thank you for my starbuck gift card!!!! I heard they sell cake pops there! Cool!!


  1. Sorry about the loss! Have fun at your event!

  2. Blame stress. That's what I'm doing. (still doing...I can't wait until my fill Monday!!!)

  3. They do sell cake pops there, and they're amazing. :) Avoid! LOL

    Sorry about the stressful week. :(

  4. It's so hard to eat good when things are really stressful! Glad you have your friend there and you're having fun!