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Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekly Weigh in: Week 20 & Skinny Santa 1st Post!

Weight: 168.4 lbs      Loss:  2.6 lbs

If I am counting the loss from my gain last week than it would be 4.2 lbs which is pretty darn good if I don't say so myself! My students have been really excited to see me reach my smaller goals and teachers all wanna know "how I'm doing it!" A girl I don't even know that rang me up at Wal-Mart the other day said " are so much smaller". That pretty much made my day!

I went into this week buy a ton of groceries so that I could go low carb......well...that pretty much tanked when I had to demo making yeast breads for all of my classes and made cinnamon sugar pretzels for them. They were little pretzel bites and so warm and soft and sweet and yummy! How many pretzel bites equal a large prezel? 250? sounds right I think.

It has been pretty strange having the house without my hubby and kiddies. I have been skyping every night. They are growing before my eyes and I can't do anything about it! I really miss them, so I booked another trip to see them the 1st weekend in Dec. On the otherhand, I have time to workout, and think about dinner and workout and of course start packing up the house. Guess how many bags of clothes I bagged up yesterday for Goodwill.....4... and I'm just getting started. I just had to face that I shouldn't be wearing my "college clothes" anymore regardless of how skinny I get. 

I do have a white old navy pea coat in XL that has never been worn. Anyone want it? If you pay shipping it's yours.


I am really excited I have some of you to really help motivate me through the Holidays! I would really love to see the 150's. Oh my gosh... thinking about it makes me giddy!!

And if I win this thing, the following are some places I LOVE to shop!

~ Target ... 5 min from my house and I go there just to browse several times a week! I go try on the stuff in the store, and then go and buy it on when they are doing BOGO. Genius!
~ Black House White MArket.... love their clothes, but have never had the money to shop there.
~ .... cause you really can't go wrong with that!
~ Kohl's
~ Restaurant Gift Cards..... cause I love going on dates with my hubby

Can't wait to see all your favorite places to shop too and just get to know you all better!
Good luck everyone!!


  1. Hello and good morning. Still early here on the west coast but I am up early to make my weigh in post before work.
    Congrats on the loss and the complements and I do hope you get to see your family soon.
    I would love the white coat and would gladly pay the shipping. If I get the coat just let me now how to do this and we will be in business.
    Good Luck on the Challenge....may we all lose loads of weight.

  2. way to go!! you and I had the same amt of weight loss this week!! woohoo! :)

  3. Great NSV's, I love when people notice my weight loss. And great loss this week. LOVE the coat. :)

  4. Omgosh I need to empty my closets. I usually do it twice a year, right before i start wearing my summer cloths and right before I start wearing my winter cloths. I think half my closet I don't wear. i bet I'll have about 3 bags just for myself!

    Good job on the NSVs! I know you're gonna get to the 150s in no time!

  5. I see the white coat has been spoken for, but if that falls through I will gladly take it!

  6. Cute coat! I decided to pull myself out of the Skinny Santa...I just got banded this week and I am so not ready to announce my weight. I thought this would be a good time for me to just do it...but I'm so not ready...sorry.

  7. Congrats on the NSV's :o) always nice to noticed that the weight is coming off!! And Good luck in the challenge, I am sure you will do great in it :o)