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Friday, November 25, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: Week 22 & Skinny Santa

Weight: 167.5 lbs    Loss: 2 lbs kinda

Last week I had a 1 pound gain and was on my period, so I managed to lose that plus another pound. Seeing that I weighed in the morning after thanksgiving, I feel at least happy to see an overall loss. 

I have been really doing so great working out (280 min last week and about that this week) and so it's disappointing not to see more weight loss, especially when you are really trying. My eating isn't perfect but it really isn't bad either. In the past 5 months I haven't had to be super strict in my dieting to see a loss. It seems as though now I will have to be.  I am not even close to the goals I had for myself this month and as a goal oriented person, I am frustrated. 

Anywhooo. I am in NY with my family. It's been weird to not be stressing over the kids and to just enjoy being in my hometown. Drove up Tues night in TERRIBLE rain and got in about 2am. Slept in Wed, then hit the mall for who knows what, then we went to the city. I don't always love going to the city, cause I've been a zillion times and it's cold and expensive and requires a lot of walking! lol. But, I went cause the girl living with me wanted to go (I made her come with me for Thanksgiving cause I didn't want her alone with her eating disorder. I knew she needed the support) Becca, my mom and I drove some of the way and hopped onto a train for the last little 20 min stretch to the city after seeing a sign that said "manhattan - gridlock- take mass transit". You didn't have to ask me twice!!

We did a ton of walking. I don't even know how many stairs we went up and down the subways. At least 200. We walked prob 3 miles easy. How do those NYer's do it EVERYDAY! Amazing!! 

We hit time square, and Becca got a pic with the Naked Cowboy! We each got a hot dog (a must in NYC)! We took a subway up to Central Park to see the balloons blown up and ready for the  Macy's Day Parade. Apparently my mom and dad came before they were married and there was like no one. Well... I guess word got out cause you could barely move forward there were so many people. Not my kind of thing. 

We went down to  Union Square to Max Brenner (The BEST dessert place in the world people!) We got a dessert to share (The dessert was called SHARING in case any of you ever go). It comes with a little hibatchi to toast marshmallows on, and fresh fruit and fondue, and little pieces of choc sponge cake, this glorified rice krispie treat, a portion of a beligan waffle sundae, fried bananas. We found a huge blonde hair on our plate. Gross you might think, but oh no my friends! It was like finding the golden ticket! They gave us a new dessert, and the manager apologized profusely, and took care of the whole ticket and the server offered us whatever we wanted. But we were stuffed, so we just got some hot chocolate to go. Gourmet AMAZINGNESS in a cup Hot Chocolate!! 

Thanks giving at my Aunt and Uncle's was really nice. My band did it's job and helped me so much! Thank you lap band! I got to have a little of everything I wanted, but didn't overstuff myself on 10 dinner rolls like I have in the past!!  I even went on a nice bike ride with my dad earlier in the  day! It was nice to be with my dad. He sure is a character!

Last night we hit up Wal-Mart black friday craziness. We got in line outside of Wal-mart about 11 and got in pretty quickly and then waited in line for the TV's till midnight, got our TVS and a bunch of $1.96 DVD's and other junk, then waiting on line to pay till 1am. It was insane!!!!!! But we had fun!

Today we have been L-A-Z-Y! I am gonna head to Zumba soon, then figure out something fun to do tonight. Tomorrow we head back to Baltimore, but not before I hit the mall (groupon today: $10 for $20 gift card at oldnavy!) 

Hope you ladies had great weekends! Can't wait to read all about them! Don't forget Secret Bandits and Skinny Santa if you are participating!!!


  1. Sounds like a great T-G week!

    Also, you'll be in size 10 before ya know it, if you're not already and don't know it. :)

  2. Congrats on the loss and good job on the working out!!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!