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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Banded! 24 hrs After Surgery

So, it's done! No turning back now.

I got to the hospital about 8:30am. They got me in my hospital gown, weighed me, got my IV started and I just chilled for several hours. As a mommy of two under two, several hours to just sit and do nothing might as well be a trip to the Bahamas. lol.

About 11:30am things got rolling and I walked into the OR. I have watched a lot of Grey's Anatomy, so it was kind of exciting to be back in an OR with the bright lights and very sterile feel of the room. I laid down and and before you know it I was out!

I woke up about 2. It was so hard to stay awake. The pain wasn't too bad but got worse the more lucid I became. They put pain meds through my IV and it was heaven. It kind of felt like the epidural I got with my babies...just numb all over.

The dr. was awesome and only made 1 incision in my belly button. You can't even see it. This will be really nice for if I ever make it into a sexy bathing suit one day!

Since Jake was with the kids, he got there around 3pm and helped me get my liquid percocet filled and I was released from the hospital by 4:30pm.

I got home and basically passed out. I tried to drink what I could, but I just wanted to sleep. It really hurt to walk, talk and move in general. It was pretty hard to listen to my husband struggle with bedtime routine. I wish I could have helped but there was really nothing I could have done. I know how hard that time of the night gets and it sucks to do in on your own.

Today I am feeling better. There is still a lot of pain and the percocet makes me sleepy but I am feeling more awake and am functioning better. I was cutting up chicken and veggies to make soup for the fam. It was good to contribute SOMETHING to the day! I hope I can help a bit with bedtime.

My weigh in at the hospital was 212. This morning I was weird? I am gonna give it a few days before I hit the scale again when I am feeling better.  I will post pictures later when I can figure out where the cord for my camera is!

Still feeling really excited about all this! Looking forward to getting in the full liquid when I can have pudding, or yogurt or soup!

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