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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hi! and Goodbye! About Me

Hi Blogging World! Goodbye Fat Jeans! Ok...So I don't even have fat jeans. Actually my fat jeans are ripping at the thighs so I can't wear them anymore, so my maternity jeans are my new fat jeans.

Ok. Let me be honest. My fat maternity jeans have never seen a day of pregnancy. I bought them POST baby #2 cause I didn't want to have to face what size I might really be. I guess I will never know and somehow I think I will get through the night!

It is LATE LATE Wednesday night. I have been reading and watching all these gastric banding weight loss journeys online and felt true real-ness from these people. More than anything with this surgery, I want to be REAL about it. I want to feel accountable for my decisions. I want to feel that I have people who have done this or are doing it or want to do it right there beside me. By having a blog, I will feel like I need to answer to it.  My husband would be too nice to actually jump up and intercept a cupcake from me mid-air before I ruin my next weigh in, but this blog might help to motivate me to never pick it up in the 1st place!

About me..... I am 27 wife, mommy and teacher! I was overweight most of my life. Even as a kid I was, even though I danced 6-8 hours a week and danced competitively most of my school career. It wasn't rinkey doo dance either. I REALLY danced and danced well. You don't usually see the chubby girl front and center often, but there I was in almost every type of dance. The stage was my playground!

In high school, my weight yo-yo'd. Junior year I put on a lot of weight ( I stopped dancing that year). Senior year me and Billy Banks on VHS did a lot of kick boxing in my room and I lost a bit.

College my high school boyfriend dumped me suddenly, and it motivated me to become the best me I could be. I worked out 6 days a week taking kick boxing, starting my own dance team at the University, teaching hip hop and lyrical classes, running and eating 1100 calories. I only lost 25 pounds, but I felt great and looked great too.

My last year in college I met my hubby and we got married. Being with him is so easy and wonderful! It was easy to gain weight as newly weds. After my 1st year teaching Home Ec, I became the cheer coach. It left me with no time for the gym.Gained 20 lbs. Then I got pregnant with my 1st, gained 25 pounds and only lost 10. When Zoey was 6 months, I got the surprise of a lifetime that I was pregnant again! Gained 15 lbs. Logan was born 14 months apart from Zoey. In the midst of all that I started a small cupcake business....not the best for the diet, but it really helps pay the bills!

All in has always been super hard for me to lose weight without intense diet and exercise and so easy to gain weight in every setting! I am, 2 days from getting the Realize Band! I weigh 212 lbs, putting my BMI at 40.1. My surgery is for June 24th at 10:30am. I am hoping to do mostly all liquid tomorrow in preparing for surgery and would love to go in with a BMI below 40.

I am feeling all the feelings most would have. I am excited to see the pounds coming off and to work hard to  achieve the best possible results! I am nervous about having surgery and how I will feel afterwards. I am worried that my busy schedule will make it hard to focus on my nutrition and exercise. I am worried that I won't have time to exercise.

My goals overall is to fit into size 8 jeans or be 125 pounds. I will def be making smaller goals as I go and updating here on the blog at least once a week with pictures and stories.

Tomorrow I will try to post a PRE-OPT picture! But seriously....I'm exhausted and I know my little ones don't know what sleeping in is! It is summer break for me and since my hubby has been a  Stay At Home Dad this past year I am gonna get up with the kids in the morning so he can sleep in! (side note: My hubby just graduated and is on the search for a big boy job. He is the Best hubby and daddy in the world!!)

Me and Hubby Engaged!
Night World Wide Web!

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