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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maybe Working Wasn't The Best Idea: Post Op Day 4

First: About My Day Yesterday: Post Op Day 3

I was pretty excited to be on FULL LIQUIDS! Some things allowable on full liquids include protein shakes, milk, sugar-free pudding and jello, low fat creamed soups, low sugar yogurt, and oatmeal (which I haven't tried yet cause it almost seems like a typo)

I used the handy dandy app on my phone that lets me scan the bar code and will input the nutrients of that food right to my food diary. AWESOME!! I can see exactly how much calories, fat, sugar, protein... I am getting. It also has a weight tracker and exercise tracker.

I started off with the protein shake with milk and did some ice pops, yogurt and more protein shake, cream of chicken soup, jello and more protein shake throughout the day. Everything went down really well. I managed pretty well with my water. Total calories in for the day 638 and 75g protein.

I went to target with Jake and the kiddies....always a crazy trip. Zoey won't stay in the cart for longer than 2 minutes so it is us running after her as she runs free through the store with pure delight laughing and wavy her arms all about! She is very strong willed so it is tough to coax her to go down to aisle you want. If you pick her up she will give you a good temper tantrum right there. So checkout is always......interesting.  It was good to get out though and to be moving.

Now For Today

I am a teacher so I don't work in the summer but there are sometimes a few opportunities to make some extra money working on curriculum development. I signed up to do that not knowing how I would feel today. Since we really need the money I decided I would go today and see how it went. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I didn't take any pain meds cause they have narcotics and I had to drive, so I tried to just deal. After sitting for a while my incision really hurt and I could tell I was getting pretty dehydrated. By 11:30am I left since I had to get to the baby's dr appt. Got home, drank a protein shake, took some pains meds since my hubby was gonna drive, made a cupcake delivery, got to the dr. I was totally loopy by this point and really had to focus through the baby's check up. Thank goodness Jake was with me!

Anyway. I probably wouldn't advise working so early after the surgery. I just needed to keep pressure off my cut and focus on my eating and staying hydrating and I just couldn't do any of that. I am gonna try working Wed and Thurs for at least a few hours.  I am feeling really good after a good nap and water and some soup. I even got into a cleaning itch in the evening and cleaned some parts of my house that really needed some TLC. I think my husband was turned on just to see it clean! lol.

Oh and the scale was 207 today! Yippeee! It might just be me, but my shirt feels a little looser. (my maternity shirt that is) :o(

Now I am off to doing some research for a big cupcake order for July. I know....isn't it terrible that I make cupcakes and am on this diet?! They are my passion though and they make me some good money!


  1. Hi - I'm a new follower to your blog! Congrats on your recent surgery! I was banded a little over a month ago and things are going great! Looking forward to following your journey!

  2. Hi! I am also a new follower!! Congrats om joining the club!!

  3. Hi Andrea and Jessica! Happy you guys are here! Hope to get some good advice from you guys! :o)