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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feeling Like Myself. But Skinnier: Post Op 6 Days

I have been feeling great and my pain is basically gone. I can even sleep on my stomach again. Thank goodness! I ended up going to back to work again Wed and Thurs and it all went much better. It actually was nice to be so pre-occupied with working on curriculum and not so busy thinking about all the crunchy foods I miss. (oh, crunchy foods I miss you!! I even had a bit of toast yesterday, chewed it and spit it out! When can I eat toast again?)

My mom came down from NY this week to help me with the kids so I wouldn't have to break the "no lifting more than 10 lbs" policy. She took my little girl back to NY for the week and next we will go up to visit and get her. So tonight my hubby worked and it was me and Logan (all 17 lbs). I had to lift him several times throughout the night and I could feel a little pressure on my stomach. I will have to be smart and really limit how often I pick him up.

I haven't been doing too great on the liquids today. It def takes a lot of thought to drink 64oz and get 70g of protein. I've been mainly doing crystal light, water, ice pops and protein shakes. I won't be doing eggs for a very long time as made clear from the post below! I am excited to get the puree stage next week.

Ya know what I really hate?....taking all the required pills. The multi vitamin, the calcium, the acid blocker, my allergy meds. I am not of fan of having to break the pills apart. They get all jagged and hurt more when they go down.

I called my dr to get my appt set for my 1 month. I have heard that the 3rd and 4th week are pretty challenging due to not feeling much restriction, so when the lady gave me an appt for 5 weeks post op, I was thinking NO WAY! So I asked if she could look a week earlier and she magically found me an appointment exactly 4 weeks post op. I am hoping to lost 20 lbs by my first appt.

Jake has been really helpful with the kids. He is pretty much the grumpiest person in morning that ever lived so for him to get up with the kids every morning and be putting them to bed every night, he gets the Golden Daddy Award. We both are not morning people and love to stay up late, so in the summer when I have off of school we alternate who gets up in the morning. It is really gonna suck when he gets a Big Boy job (he just graduated in May) and we can't just be together all the time in the summer. I love love love being with my husband just running errands, shopping and cuddling up.

Anyway....The scale tonight was 204 lbs. I am pretty excited to see the numbers still going down. My clothes felt better. Jake hasn't gotten any action yet.(geez...give me a week to heal here!)

Thanks again to all my followers for um....well....following! As a thank you, here is a picture of my cute little boy! He is 6 months and he learned to crawl and stand a few weeks back and is quite pleased with himself.

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  1. Your little boy is gorgeous! Just letting you know I'm a new follower! It's really helpful reading what you're going through. I'm currently going through the process of looking at Lap with all the health professionals but now just waiting to hear back from the Surgeon. I'm a little nervous - but reading your blog has definitely helped place my mind at ease - SO THANK YOU! Look forward to reading more about you and your journey!

  2. A lot of people call the first couple months after you have surgery when you have no restriction "Bandster Hell". I haven't really experienced that too much. You do get hungry sometimes, but you just have to not give yourself the option to not follow the rules your doctor gives you. It gets better!!! :)

  3. Lani I really hope everything works out and you get start the journey yourself!! Getting all the pre-op work and appts done were a lot of work. They really make you work for it!

    Andrea - I am hoping not to have too bad of the "bandster hell" I have been hearing about. I was so shocked when I was watchin you youtube video of one guy who was 3 weeks post op and eating turkey meatballs and spaghetti! If I went through all the work to get this surgery I am going to take it super seriously!! Thanks for the comment!

  4. Cute boy!
    Glad that its all going so well for you.