My Journey

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Night Before Surgery! Already a Failure!

I ate a huge lunch! Totally enjoyed a taco salad with lettuce, tomatoes, lettuce, chicken, rice, black beans and cheese.Oh....and don't forget the essence of a taco salad, the taco shell! Tonight I'm reading through my notes for the surgery and read CLEAR LIQUIDS for 24 hr prior to surgery. DANG IT!!! How did I mess this up already?! So much info was being thrown at me at that informational session. It was only a matter of time.

Well I didn't have dinner so I guess that is good. I am pretty used to a crazy night filled with bath time and getting diapers on and pj's on and stories read and bottles fed and everyone off to bed. Hubby works at night so it is like my own little marathon. I am usually sweating by end of it and often times don't get dinner at all or late. (This will have to change after surgery, but then again I can make a protein shake in 1 min.....simple. I'm excited for more simple in my life)  But back to me screwing it up....

I hope this doesn't effect my surgery. I might cry if they make me re-schedule! 

I am feeling a little unprepared about the surgery tomorrow. We don't have our family here so we are going to have friends watch the kids for a few hours so Jake can pick me up and get me settled, but I have no time line to give them and that is not my thing! I am ok with Jake*** not being in the room with me before I go and after I wake up. I feel good knowing he will be with them. He won't be missing a party in my hospital room or anything.

Jake will be on his own to handle the kids for a few days while I recover. I know he is fully capable of it. I don't know if I am fully capable of not being able to hold my babies for a few weeks. 

Tomorrow I will do my official weigh in and take a few pictures. I smudged all my mascara off from rubbing my eyes so much cause of allergies and I'm not looking so hot. I have been avoiding pictures for months, so it will be strange to start taking a bunch!  I am sure many of you can relate. 

Well... more tomorrow after surgery I am officially on my ROAD TO REALIZE! (I'm clever right?!) 

*** Side note: Jake doesn't ask much about the surgery. I usually do enough talking for him to get the whole picture, but today he did ask one very important question....."When will I be able to have sex again after the surgery?" Ahhhh. Gotta love guys!


  1. I am cracking up over here, because as my "last supper" as the unbanded, I had a chicken Parmesan sub..ur stressing over a taco salad?!?!? god Bless ur sweet soul!

  2. When do you get your surgery? I would love to hear how you are doing!!