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Monday, June 27, 2011

Strange Things, Good Things, Bad Things

Yesterday was my last day on clear liquids. I took a turn for the better yesterday. I had a lot of energy. I made breakfast for Jake and Zoey. I was on my feet a lot and even felt good enough to go on a walk as a family in the evening. Jake pulled the cute little wagon my Aunt Julie got us and I was "pulled" by the dog. We only walked about 1/2 mile. I was still a little dizzy from the pain killers I had taken earlier, but managed the walk just fine.

The pain in my stomach has gotten so much better. Still very sore and I need to take it easy, but I feel like I can help with the kids (not lifting them of course), and I can sit up and even lay on my side ok.

So last night the strangest thing happened. I had been reading in people's blogs about all the gas people have been having and I haven't had really any gas. While me and Jake were in bed playing each other in WORDFEUD through our phones (I won....but soo close honey!) my stomach just started rumbling. I could feel the gas traveling through my system. It was the weirdest feeling. It then led to a lot of watery diarrhea (sorry TMI) which I seemed to have all night, but this morning I could def tell I wasn't as bloated in my stomach. It is like my stomach just....deflated. In fact, the scale says 209. I'll take that!

Target Whey Protein Isolate only $17.99
Well.... today is my 1st day on FULL LIQUIDS. The baby woke up at 6:30. My hubby has a hissy fit anytime the baby wakes up earlier than 7am. He pouts around pretending to be angry with the cutest baby in the world. We both know it's not possible!  We both got up cause I thought I should get a head start on getting some protein. I got the target brand whey protein. I used my kitchen aid blender thingey to mix it with some milk. It was actually really good and made it really thick and frothy. I only had about 4 oz.  So far it is sitting ok in my stomach. I am gonna try some yogurt today and maybe tomorrow some soup. Getting 64 oz of water and 70g of protein might be tough. 

Oh and I want to shout out to my one commenter! Thanks!! It's nice to know I'm not alone in cyberspace!

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