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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Cake

Today was my 1st day back at school and my principal's birthday and there was cake and.....I didn't have a single piece! Huge NSV! Remember.... I own a cupcake personal food guide pyramid (which doesn't exist anymore, check it out would have cake as its own food group. Cake is MY FOOD! So...this is a big deal!

Last June I would have had a piece and then gone back for another when the crowd dispersed. Now if I can only keep my hands out of the damn lucky charms I will be golden.

First day back was good. Typical. Sitting in meetings, working in my classroom, an earthquake, getting supplies at Walmart.... ya know...the usuals. :o)

No one really noticed my weight loss. No biggie. I have always been pretty good at hiding my weight (by not coming out of my classroom for the past year).

I did see one of my co-workers at my surgeons office when I got my last fill. Scary that my secret could be out of the bag, but after we talked, she isn't planning on telling anyone but her parents and immediate family. She is just in the beginning stages of getting approved. It will be nice to have someone at work to chat with and keep me away from the cake!!

Just got back from the gym. Trying to stay motivated to workout when I just want to be lazy. It might just be my TOM. I always use that as an excuse.... "oh I have to eat these lucky charms.... I'm gettin my period is 16 days" lol.

Night Blogland. I will get back on posting comments tomorrow. I am gonna go help Jakey Poo with some painting!


  1. Love that button. I want one.
    Good for you for resisting the cake. Huge NSV.

  2. That button is way too cute - love it!! I am sooo proud of your not eating cake, that IS a tough one!

  3. Great job! I probably would have said....just a little piece!! I'm a cake girl too!

  4. Huge NSV and it would be nice to have a band-buddy at work ... glad you had a good first day !

  5. That's awesome to have someone to confide in at work! :) Great job avoiding the sweets!

  6. Oh I was the worst blaming TOM for everything! And I am superproud of you resisting the bday cake! and don't worry soon your gonna lose so much weight that they are gonna have no choice but to notice!