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Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: Week 7

                                           Weight: 191.2 lbs  Loss: 1.8 lbs

I weighed in at 191.2 earlier this week and have been sitting there all week. Actually I was up to 193 again a few days ago, probably my punishment for having a pizzookie last Sunday when we had some friends over. What is a pizzookie you ask?? Feast your eyes on this...

 I shared it with Jake, but it still prob equaled 5 cookies and ice cream. So yummy. So wrong. No more pizzookies for me!!

I have prob been eating too many carbs and sugar this week. I just feel like I have been lagging. Next week I am going to need a fierce plan so I can get in the 180's before I go back to work on the 23rd. 

On Tues I went to Target and tried on a few pairs of size 16 jeans. All of them fit my legs and thighs, but I couldn't button them from my belly fat. It makes me nervous that I won't lose my gut after having 2 babies. Was anyone else nervous about this?

I did Zumba last Saturday and again on Monday (where there were about 120 people!) and then worked out Tuesday, but have been sitting pretty since then. I got sick last night. I am typing with a roll of toilet paper at my side.

And....yesterday I got some pretty bad sunburn. Not because I had the luxury of sitting and relaxing in the sun, but because I went tanning and forget that I am white, and 18 min is TOO LONG! Between the bad cold and the sunburn I feel like death. When can I go back to bed?

My parents are driving down from NY as we speak. Thank goodness they will be here to help me tonight with the babies while Jake works. 

I am determined to feel better by tomorrow so I can go to Zumba with my mom. She loves Zumba and I know she will l.o.v.e. my instructor. 

Oh...and I got my hair cut. Not in love with it, but it is a lot of weight off my shoulders...literally. I said 6 inches,  but it's more like 10 ( Why do they do that?!) and she thinned it out a bit, but it is still WAY too thick for the cut. Maybe next week I will take a picture when I'm not fuchsia!

Also.... excited to have some new followers! I love reading everyone's blog. You guys seriously pull me out of ruts and make me giggle!! Love it!! 


  1. I HATE when they cut too much off, it's like, "Umm, I said *this much*." Blank stare. "OH, I thought you meant shave you bald." No... no that wasn't how the conversation went when I FIRST sat down.

    Sorry. I just got a bad cut a few weeks ago and I'm still bitter. LOL

  2. Oooh don't I know about "Please take off 2 inches to make the ends healthy again," 10 inches later...I have a pixie cut. REALLY?? /grrrr

    And yes, that Pizzookie looks incredible.

  3. My legs, thighs and bum have always been my worst areas and my belly used to Shrink first.... HOWEVER, now that seems to be the area that I am having an issue with. I am almost comfortably in a size 18-20 but can't button them....

  4. Yes, they do like to CUT (and it drives me crazy !) Hope you're feeling better soon and I'm glad you'll have some extra help ...

  5. Can't wait to see your hair cut, I bet you look adorable. I hope you feel good enough tomorrow for Zumba.

  6. Great job on the loss this week!!! Hope you are feeling better! We definitely need to see a picture of this haircut.