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Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: Week 8

                                              Weight: 187.8    Loss: 3.4 lbs

3.4 lbs!!!! Holy Awesomeness! This is the biggest loss I've had aside from surgery week! I have to thank being sick for this. I haven't been able taste anything so my food choices have been really smart. This cold has been with me over a week now. I don't think I have ever had a cold this long and wonder if my mom was right and it is now a sinus infection. We will give it a few more days.

I was planning on working out 5 times this week, but am not sure if I am running myself into the ground by working out a lot. Do I need to just rest for a few days, or workout and let my cold just take it's course? Any suggestions?

I also got a fill yesterday. I saw a different surgeon. The good looking one, a total italian stallion (I am not sure if he really is italian). He was young, brown hair pulled back in a pony tail, chiseled features, accent (i think or maybe I am just envisioning that?) pink stripped shirt (too fancy looking for a dr office) I am pretty sure he must be on a romance novel somewhere.

Anyway. He did the fill, different than my dr. He was surprise I was "all smart" and knew about cc's and how much was in my band. I am surprised a lap band patient wouldn't know this?!  He didn't even care how the water went down afterward. Of course 24 hrs later I am still having hardly any restriction. I haven't tested it too much yet, but we went to a buffet for lunch cause it's Jake fav place in the world and I knew they had soups. I had soups, a bite of bread, some tender chicken, soft fruits. It all went down fine and I didn't even get full. BOO.

The dr also told me that I carried a lot of weight in my stomach area. Also BOO. He said my arms and legs were "skinny". Ha. So random to hear that word when you are still classified as obese! I am still worried I won't lose the weight in my stomach. I better get on my crunches!!!! pet peeve about the bariatric office I'm going to. They are all STONE FACED. You get weighed on the scale and the nurses don't even say..." Wow....congratulation you are doing a great job". In fact, they seem annoyed you are there, and not even the dr's say anything. I mean, I know they see it every day, but these surgeries are LIFE CHANGING, huge monumental aspects in a person's life. I haven't been obese forever, but some people have and losing weight is a huge hurdle they are taking on. We work hard for the weight we are losing and damn it if the dr who performed the surgery can't even be excited for you, they are in the wrong profession. You know what.... I think I am gonna write a letter!

Well... that's it for now. Be back later for some BYOC!


  1. Good Point!! I think you should write a letter. The best news I got after my 2 year mark with my surgery was not lose anymore weight. Only 10 lbs if I wanted. I never heard those words in my life!!! Imagine someone telling you NOT to lose more weight.

    And the best part was that they were thrilled. Everything they were telling me to do, strength training, no soda, etc., I was already doing. I actually was following the rules! Maybe they don't see that too often. I felt like a teacher's pet.

    Love you kiddo and keep up the good work.

  2. Oh, I wish I could co-sign that letter!!! If you can't get enouragement and CARE at your bariatric office what's the point, right??? Hmmmmmph!

    Great loss too!! Way to go, Lady!!

  3. You should write a letter! My surgeon's office makes me feel like a celebrity every time I go in there.

    Great loss this week, I just knew the 188 was gonna stick around! :) No more weighing yourself after eating! LOL

  4. So what an accomplishment this summer. You lost 25 lbs. when you walk back through those school doors. That is so wonderful Stacey. You inspired me.

  5. I agree, it would be nice for people, (especially in a bariatric office!!) recognize your losses!!

  6. I feel the same way about my clinic about the nurses and everyone being stone faced. I get the feeling when I'm there that they would rather I wasn't there. Ugh.

  7. Woah, that's awesome...congrats!!! I think you should totally tell them. That would be something simple they could implement that would make a huge difference for their patients!