My Journey

Monday, August 15, 2011

Thank You Secret Bandit!

I got my 1st secret bandit gift today! It is THE BEST to get a little surprise in the mail. It is exactly what I have needed to! Check out my cutie pie new pink water bottle. As you can see I filled it RIGHT AWAY! I didn't even clean it out, so if I stop posting I probably died from some pissed off employee who coated the bottle in poison.

I also got a bunch of goodies to put in my water bottle including Gotein which I am excited to try!

Thank you Secret Bandit! You are the best!!!


  1. Looks great. Can't wait to get something myself, and I have just sent mine off to my bandit friend.

  2. Awesome! I'm so glad you liked it. ;) I mean... haha, jk. I think you know I'm not it. Sadface.

  3. How to do become a secret bandit or have a secret bandit?