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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exercise With Mommy...

...equals lollipops for the kiddies. Zoey was practically falling all over herself (not the most graceful kid I've ever seen) to get to the door to go for a walk. She didn't even wanna put her pants on, so diaper it was! I bring lollipops just in case they have meltdowns and I don't have to end my workout early. Pushing that double stroller up hills ladies is sure hard work. I love it!

I worked out twice today. I wasn't gonna go for the walk with the kids because I worked out this morning, walking hills around my neighborhood for 35 min, but after a cereal binge I felt like I better get a movin.

The cereal binge was stupid (yummy but stupid). I am getting a fill tomorrow and know I will be on liquids for a bit and then depending on the tightness of my band might not be able to eat cereal for a while so I felt justified in it. Also I stepped on the scale and saw a 188.8 lbs and I felt like..well....celebrating....with lucky charms. (slap on the forehead)

I didn't even have a fill scheduled, but I have absolutely NO RESTRICTION and to wait until Sept 14th was a bit risky. I have been proud of myself to be losing weight basically on my own, but have noticed my portion size creeping up. I came to a screeching hault on Saturday after JAke and I went to a hibatchi and had eaten about 2 cups of rice, chicken, veggies and shrimp and HAD to stop myself. Even Jake said, "aren't you supposed to be full?" I left the other 2 cups worth of food on my plate thank goodness.

The past 2 days I haven't been able to taste a thing (still sick) and so I barely ate anything cause why waste the calories?....hence the 188.8 today, which was gone shortly after the Lucky Charms (more like unlucky charms).

I really appreciate everyone being so accountable and honest lately. I need to be more like that. It helps me so much to see people are having real struggles and real victories. Jen and Robyn, thanks for your posts! I know you both are frustrated, but it makes you more human too.


1. Logan put himself to sleep on his own tonight! Amazing! (it's a NSV for mommyhood!)

2. My mom bought me a XL black and white gingham shirt dress like this one pictured and it hasn't ever fit, but I put it on yesterday and it did! I think 5 more lbs and I will wear it out of the house! (mine is cuter than this one though)

3. My butt is gone. Like is flat (which is both good and bad) My butt has always been massive. It was the first thing my mom noticed when she saw me last weekend. I noticed it as I was standing in my "getting really loose" underwear yesterday. (Jake isn't too thrilled with this NSV)


  1. I wish my butt would go away!!

    And great job on the 188.8, it isn't gone! You had just eaten. :)

  2. Adorable kids! I love Lucky Charms, probably a little too much - LOL. You are doing great! We all make less-than-stellar food choices sometimes.

  3. Congrats - you met your under 189 goal early !!

  4. Love the NSVs! That dress is so cute!