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Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: Week 9- Blame it On the Natural Disasters?

                                                       Weight: 187.2    Loss: .6lb

I've been eating like crap the last 2 days. I am having these INTENSE chocolate cravings, and all these natural disasters are just pushing me to eat bad foods!! ;o) Ug! I just need my Zumba class so I can be in my happy place tomorrow (before natural disaster #3 of the week hits in the evening...I am considering myself #2 and the earthquake while I was in Wal-Mart is #1 of course)

My weight has fluctuated between 186.4 and 189.8 this week. I feel overwhelmed with my first week of school and so behind in my house work, bills, and blogging. I have been eating out most of my meals the past 3 days, just from a lack of having food in the house (ordered my groceries online and had them delivered today!) and having to work late hours at work (back to school night). Today was a professional development day and I went to lunch with a friend and then we stopped by Starry Nights Bakery in Westminster, MD  to try one of their cupcakes since they are going to be on Cupcake Wars on Sunday. Since I might lose power from the hurricane, someone watch it and let me know if they win! The cupcake was pretty good, but the appearance looked amateur. Whatev. I am excited for them! I hope it brings them lots of business even though all of Baltimore will most likely be powerless! Anyway...back to my not great eating...... It was not great. Now moving on....

I'm a little nervous for the hurricane. Our house is up on a hill which is good, but the huge dead oak tree 2x's taller than my house, sitting 10 feet away from my living room gives me a big of anxiety. My little Zoey sleeps upstairs and tomorrow I am going to move her down here with us, or move all of us to the basement. I don't think it's hitting Baltimore as bad as NY, but you just never know. We have a food storage and have been pretty prepared. I will really hate not having power for several days which is what is being predicted. Just send a prayer our way and up the east coast if you can!

Xhilaration Juniors Short Sleeve Dress - Navy/Yellow FloralNow for something good.... I got some super cute clothes at Target this week. I had a $5 off jeans mobile coupon and got the skinny jeans jeggings for $13! (size 16) I got a flowey long peasant shirt with it and it looks and feels awesome. ($3 mobile coupon) I also got this dress! (I am short so it is a lot longer on me)I love it. It is super flattering and young and hip. I am going to wear it with my brown knee high boots! Perfect for school. Cute and comfy! I also got  a black blazer that is the perfect form fitting cut. (on clearance $15!) Thanks mom for contributing to the poor teacher fund!! clothes are shoes have free shipping and 20% off if you spend $75 online!

Look at this cute rain jacket and boots! Wish I had this for the hurricane tomorrow!!

Mossimo Supply Co. Feather Weight Raincoat - Yellow/White Polka Dot Print

Sorry I haven't been commenting much. I will prob be crazy 1 more week and then will be back in the groove of things (that is only if this tree doesn't take out half our house!) I have been reading as much as possible!

I am really going to focus in on my eating (no "my period is coming" excuses here!!) and try to lose 10 lbs before Sept 30th when we leave for Utah to see Jake's fam. (We are getting fam pics out there and I need to look as good as possible!!) It's a big goal, but here is to hard work!!

Thinking of you all.....always!


  1. Be safe this weekend!! The clothes are soooo cute - good for YOU!

  2. Oh fine !! Just because you can wear cute knee high boots ... you do !! :) I'm super jealous but so happy for you and those cute clothes you got (great price, btw !!). Be safe ... sounds like you have got a good plan there ...

  3. I am in the same boat, though I think I'll be up to 199 by my weigh in tomorrow. I hate gaining during busy weeks. I've eaten take out TWICE just today. Fuuudge.

    Sounds like you found some great stuff, I think I tried that dress on and loved it too! Target is the best. :D

  4. Cute Outfit selections. I hope you were able to make it safe through the storm.