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Monday, December 19, 2011

McDreamy makes me more McSweaty

Today I wanted to workout, but I didn't wanna "workout" in really put forth THAT much effort! I got a groupon for 10 fitness classes at a gym 5 min from my house, and figured I would go to the cycling class.

I strategically went at 7:10 knowing the class was supposed to start at 7:00 so I wouldn't have to do 1 hour. Like I said, I was feeling lazy. But I got there and they hadn't even started. I walked up to the door and going out of the door was this gorgeous blonde. Our eyes connected. He smiled. Cute.

I start getting the bike out (I literally had to drag it across the room and find a spot on the floor for it). It's kind of a ghetto gym, but whatever...sweating is sweating right?! I decide I am going to pee, so I find my way to the bathroom.

I get back.....cute boy is standing there smiling at me and introduced himself....aka my cycling instructor!

Crap. Now I am going to actually have to put forth effort, cause I can't be lazy chubby butt in front of the McDreamy instructor...especially with 5 other people in the room. And why did I pick today to wear my baggy fat pants and ugly t-shirt to work out? I could have at least looked like I have stepped into a gym once in my life instead of "I just woke up from a nap, the quickly painted the basement for 30 min and then was forced at gun point to workout" which is totally the truth...well the 1st half.

The class gets started and I get on my bike and can barely reach the peddles. I get off and try to adjust the thingey ma-bob. It doesn't budge. Try new luck. So I am standing there like a dingle-bat forcing all my weight into the dumb seat. McDreamy appears and ends up wheeling me a whole new bike. Geez.

He manages to stare at me the whole class (either because he is horrified by my appearance, or because he thinks I might break this bike or because I was who he saw when he looked straight, or he's not at all cause I'm not wearing my glasses.) I of course am SWEATING my cellulite off cause I am trying to be the best spinner in the class, while looking like this is totally effortless. Neither were true. He did manage to call out "Stacey, move your hands to this part of the handle". Doh!!

In the end the class was great. I got an awesome workout, and the instructor (I need to go look up his name) even chatted with me after class telling me I should come on Wednesday to his other spin class and that I should call ahead to reserve a bike. Flirting? Or nice guy? I will pretend flirting cause I need a self esteem booster!!

Wish I could take all your ladies to the class with me and gossip about it afterward, but this will have to do!

This is the last week for SKINNY SANTA! Final weigh in need to be posted on FRIDAY please! If everyone gets them in on Friday then I can post it Fri night!

Ok. Past my bedtime!! Night Girls


  1. Ummmm, (or Yummmm), I would have straight fallen off the little bike, cracked my melon, and probably twisted an ankle in there somewhere because I would have been concentrating on Mr. HotTrainer Man and not on pedaling!!!

  2. LOL :) A little eye candy never hurts!

  3. Flirting! Enjoy it.

  4. Funny! You have a great writing style and an even better sense of humor!

  5. Eye candy is great motivation for a fun and effective workout :o)