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Friday, December 23, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: Week 26 & FINAL Skinny Santa Weigh In

Weight: 163.2    Loss 2.2 lbs

Ah... not .2 lbs, but 2.2 lbs! Much better. I was getting so sick of the numbers 165! It's been weeks since I've lost anything significant. I have to laugh though cause I ended up eating 2 cookies and not working out yesterday (even though I was moving boxes up and down stairs for hours) and saw the biggest loss I have had in weeks overnight. Ironic.
I feel so skinny and pretty today! Yay! I also feel sick. Been pushing myself so much lately to get stuff packed and painted around the house. My body pretty much wants me to stay in bed all day today. mmmmm.... not gonna happen though.

As for Skinny Santa.... here are my stats.

Starting weight: 168.4 lbs
Ending Weight: 163.2 lbs
Loss: 5.2 lbs
% loss: 3.09 %

I used this calculator to figure it out.  Check out the  % weight loss calculator I will be using to see who won the challenge! Thanks all you girls who tried really hard during this challenge. It helped me keep my game face on!

Will post the winner soon so stay tuned!

Merry Christmas Friends! And lay off the cookies!!


  1. Have a great holiday in Utah. Email some dates when you return!!

  2. I sent you an email this morning for my weigh in. I had a slight gain I believe from last week.

    I just remember my starting weight as 188 and today I weighed 182. Not the 179 that I wanted but I'm not going to complain.

    Thanks for your hard work you did for this challenge.


  3. hahah...I clicked on the % calculator that you linked to and freaked out - I'm using to calculating % of EXCESS, lol, not % of weight lost. Okay, freak out over. Thanks for the link - very helpful!

  4. Great finish to the challenge :o) and that calculator is pretty cool, I learnt that I have lost 26 - 27% since I have been banded :p I like those numbers! Can't wait to see the results from the challenge!

  5. Congrats on the loss and the trip home. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get you my final weight, just been on the road a lot. Final weight is 197. Thanks so much for doing the challenge and I will be watching for the winner and where to send the gift card.....Have fun.

  6. Great job on your WL this week! :)

  7. Nice work Stace! You're awesome for doing all these challenges/Secret Bandit stuff - you go girl!