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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Weekly Weigh: Week 23 (early) & Skinny Santa & 10 Things Thurs

Weight: 165.5  Loss: 2 lbs

1. Yay! I lost 2 pounds and it's not even Friday! This is me this morning.... not a morning person, but today I am.... cause....

2. I am flying to Utah today to see Jake and the kids!!!!!!!! If I can't just get through 3rd period today (cocky SOB senior boys!) I will be smooth sailing

3. Went for a spray tan yesterday. OMG. Crazy experience. The place had this machine which I think they put together with duct tape and some sheet metal. The thing sprayed me like a squirt gun in like 2 places (back of my neck and my boobs). And it wasn't brown or clear tanning was green!! And apparently I had to rub it in myself and when I did it made me look GREY! Seriously!! I was freaking out. The girl was like "I wonder why it's green!" What do you mean you wonder why it's green!?! I basically wiped it all off and now I am my nice pastey white for my trip. Oh well.

4. Having a great hair day! Thank goodness!!

5. I successfully made 80 cupcakes without totally blowing my diet!!! I had students help me and I just stayed really focused. It was a true victory!

6. To rent out my house or sell my house? That is question! To rent a house in Utah or buy a house in Utah? That is the other question!

7. I asked Jake what he would do if my flight was delayed or I missed my connecting flight.... his answer "I would kill myself". Sweet but disturbing!

8. Went to a group fitness class called "Stepalicious" thinking it was a step aerobics class, but it was a dance aerobics meets bootcamp type thing. Kicked my butt!! The instructor was insane and I got to booty shake and she really pushed me to my top limits. It was awesome!

9. I think some of my students are crushing on me. That hasn't happened in years!

10. I'm 15 pounds away from my 1st goal of 150! Hopefully by my 6 month mark?! I am really worried about my belly fat. I have so much of it. I still have 35 pounds to go before I am in the healthy weight land. I am really hoping my stomach will tighten up!  If not, then after my 3rd baby I will save for a tummy tuck!

Have a great weekend!! Will post pics when I get back!


  1. Looking fantastic! Have a great trip to see your family! Keep smiling and don't let those seniors irritate you! I swear there is no way I could be a teacher! :)

  2. You look fabulous! Have a great trip! xxx

  3. You look amazing wife. Too bad about the spray tan. I was looking forward to it smearing allover our bodies.

  4. Have a great trip, girlie!

    Great loss this week. You're gettin' tiny. :)

    Also, the belly fat thing is hereditary. Let us pray for its recovery. (I know mine isn't going away anytime soon. lol)

  5. Hotty boom body!!! Looking good!

    And have an amazing trip w/ your hubby and kids!!

  6. enjoy your trip! i love utah, it's one of my favorite places! beautiful there!

  7. Have fun,I can feel your excitement:)

  8. Congrats on your weigh in and good hair day :o)

    And have a fantastic time with hubby and kids :p

  9. You look amazing!! Hopefully your flight wont be delayed lol

  10. Looking great!! Have an awesome trip!!

  11. I'm sorry I didn't get out your November gift. I'll send your November and December gifts together shortly.

  12. I hope you have an awesome time in Utah!

    I'm also writing to ask you to post/email about my doctoral dissertation. While it's hard losing weight on your own, it's not necessarily easier with a spouse or partner. Sometimes partners/spouses undermine weight loss through acts like complaining about healthier food, gifting high-caloric foods, or even through abusive language/acts. I'm creating an anonymous, online survey to assess for partner undermining and to learn more from those who experience it.

    To be eligible to take the survey, participants need to have experienced this in their current relationship (of at least the past 2 years), and have been participating in a weight loss program for the past 5 consecutive weeks. For more info, see

  13. Congrats....have a great time.....