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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monday Madness (Literally) and Tuesday Just Sucks

made one similar to this!

Soooo grumpy!
It all started yesterday when my favorite class were a bunch of jerk faces that wouldn't stop talking! So I gave them a pop quiz, and then even then they wouldn't shut up, so I had to change seats. One kid was like "are you in a bad mood today?" Uh...well now I am!! I hate being the mean teacher. "Hate hate hate. Hate hate hate. Loathe Entirely!" (name that movie!)

Then..... I worked all day on these desserts for a faculty meeting. Brownie pops, chocolate chip cookies, gingersnaps, magic bars and a christmas fruit tree. Because I was so busy baking, my breakfast and lunch were a taste of cookie dough here, half a cookie there....repeat, repeat, repeat. So, I was already dehydrated and malnurished and grumpy going into the faculty meeting, but then no one said thank you. I know I shouldn't have expected it but I could have really used it at the moment!

The faculty meeting ran over (by 6 min, but dude..... those are MY 6 minutes) and I just went and burried myself under my blankets the second I got home! I did wake up in a bit of panic, and rushed myself out the door to Zumba, but trust me, I considered staying in bed all night!

Today just sucks too. My students are freaking annoying me!! Only 1 month to go and I can be with my little ones in Utah. And where is the snow December?! I need some serious snow days or delays right about now. This time 2 years ago we had like 10 days off consecutively from bad weather! Oh that was glorious!

My scale isn't moving either. I haven't been really concentrating on my food, and my exercise was minimal last week. I haven't been circling the drive thru, but I also haven't been counting calories, water, protein, or sugar. Some days I might barely have 1000 calories (like yesterday even though I snacked on some baked goods) and some days I am closer to 1800 calories. My weight loss up until the last 10 pounds has been really easy, not having to think about it and seeing good numbers on the scale. Now it seems like I have reached a point to where I have to pay attention, can't cheat AT ALL and need to work out daily. Boo.

My size 13 stretch skinny jeans are pretty big on me now, and I tried on an 11 last time at Target and fit into them fairly easily (great in legs, a bit tight around my stomach). I wouldn't say I'm an 11, but I am getting there.

I still have such a long way to go... 15 lbs to my 1st goal, and 35 lbs to my final goal. I got to know a chaperone over the weekend, who became my instant bussom buddy! We haven't stopped texting yet! She is a size 4(I guessed she was an 8 and I think she was slightly insulted!) . She looks really healthy though, and I would never is soooo thin. My sister on the other hand is a size 4 and looks unhealthy skinny. They are both about the same height. Weird how different bodies carry weight differently. I wonder how I would look as a size 4? Healthy or unhealthy?

If I can loose an average of 1.5 lbs a week (6 lbs a month), I can be at 130 by 1 year bandiversary!

Well, hoping I can have a better day today. Going to workout and then out to dinner with some girlfriend and then maybe hit the mall and do some painting? A bit much for an evening? Oh well. Gotta get it all in before I am stuck home again with little ones! Did I mention I spent 3 hours at Target the other night?!


  1. It sounds like you are having a few bad days. I hope it gets better for you.
    If the end of January is too late for our get-together, it can be earlier in the month too.

  2. I totally feel ya about the school stuff! We are in exam week and my kids are crazy!! Thank God we only faculty meetings a few times each semester, because I hate, hate, hate them.

    You are so right about how funny it is that people carry their weight so differently. My sister is a size 2/4 and she looks scary thin.

    I hope the rest of your semester gets better!!

  3. I hope your semester gets better! It must be so hard being away from your family. I had to go a month away from my fiance when we moved and that felt like an enternity!

  4. Duuude, those 11's and 13's are for teenagers. Blech. I want real non-junior sizes. Gimme a 10 or 12 (which I bet you'd fit into). Dunno why, just makes me feel better having an even number as well. lol

    I'm at that "no cheating" time in my weight loss as well. Hate it.

  5. Seriously - you made that tree and on one said anything? That's just LAME. I'd have been pissed too!

  6. Slap them with more pop quizzes to shut them up! I do hope they get better for you soon - or that you get some snow so you can get another 10 glorious days off! ... Gosh I wish it snowed over here where I live.
    Anywhooo - YOU HAVE AN AMAZING TALENT!!! Dude your tree looks FREAKING AWESOME!!!

  7. Give me another pop quiz :o) hehehe we never had those at my school so it's fun to hear about them happening to others. As for the grumpiness you are feeling I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact hat you miss your babies, and that you can se the end in sight ;o)

    I hope the next month flies for you.