My Journey

Monday, December 26, 2011


I am hunting down a few more final weights so I can post the winner of the challenge! Don't be a wuss. Email me. No one will point and laugh if you didn't lose a million pounds, or even one, or gained!

I will try to get everything wrapped up by Friday. I am busy with my babies and hubby this week, but will make time to announce the winner.

Hope Christmas was grand for everyone (who says grand....really?!) Mine was perfect and will post about it soon.

Time for girlie movies with my 17 year old sister in law! (we went to Zumba today and she is addicted to now too) She of course is skinny, drop dead gorgeous captain of varsity cheer squad and doesn't need to loose a pound but loves fitness and eating well. We both got scales for Christmas and sat in the hallway for an hour reading manuals on them and weighing ourselves in various flooring around the house! lol. She wants to go to Zumba everyday this week! (and make sugar cookies sometime) lol. Love her!


  1. Hi Stace, not sure if you have mine, but here they are just in case :o)

    23 December - 246.5lb (111.8kg)
    16 December - 248 lb (112.5 kg)
    09 December - 247.1lb (112.1kg)
    02 December - 250.6lb (113.7kg)
    25 November - 253.7lb (115.1kg)
    18 November - 254lb (115.2kg)
    Start of the challenge - 256lb (116.1kg)

  2. I stayed the same, but I don't think I ever emailed you my initial weight.

  3. Sorry I'm just getting this here are my stats for the challenge...

    Weight Today 246

    I had a gain of .4 lbs

    Total weight lost since the challenges started in November: 11.3 lbs