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Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: Week 25 & Skinny Santa

Weight: 165.4     Loss: .2 lbs

Can I vent? I just erased 3 sentences that I started typing, cause I don't even know what I am feeling, but it's not warm fuzzies. Last weekend I worked a high school conference where they fed us 3 square meals a big meals. I ate all 3 meals (smaller than normal of course) but I had pancakes and syrup at breakfast, and 2 pieces of quiche and a piece of fried chicken at lunch, beef stew for dinner with curly fries, some soda, starburst, chips, a few pieces of candy all in a days work. I ate like this for 2 1/2 days and didn't work out once during those 2 days and when I got on the scale at 4pm in the afternoon when I returned (not first thing in the morning on an empty stomach) I had gained NO WEIGHT! Awesome! But..... not awesome cause when I am eating 1000-1400 calories a day AND working out this week, I loose .2lbs (point-2-pounds.... not 2 pounds, cause that would be cooler!)!

What is going on here?! I know there are no real answers, but it's just frustrating, putting forth real effort, recording your food, taking time to exercise and to see almost the same results as not giving a crap.

Yesterday I had a muscle milk, 3/4 tuna sandwich, 1 small dove choc, 1 serving TGIF skillet meal, glass of milk and worked out. This has been about the same all week. I went to dinner with my girlfriends on Tuesday night. I got a kids grilled chicken with broccoil and side of angel hair with alfredo and only ate half of that (pretty sure they think I have an eating disorder now since I took 40 min just to eat 1/2 kids meal!), along with my muscle milk in the morning and 1/2 lean cuisine for lunch and 1 cookie.

Anyhoo.. I'm just annoyed. My band is pretty tight. I eat SOO slow, and have super small meals (aka 1/2 lean cuisine). I never feel hungry either. Any thought anyone? I'm not throwing anything up cause I am being super cautious, but feel like it's bound to happen. Skinny Santa is our last weigh in before our FINAL WEIGH IN next week! Can't wait to see who I am sending my gift card too. (Did I just admit defeat?!) sad.

I can say this.... if it wasn't for my weekly weigh ins and challenges and goals and my lab band, I would be eating myself through entire packages of cookies "cause" it's Christmas". There haven't been many years where I have been able to say that I maintained and even lost a few pounds during the Holiday season, so in that aspect..... Good for Me!

Happy Last Shopping Weekend Before Christmas!!!!


  1. Hmm, sounds like the eating out has been wreaking havoc on your weight loss. (Restaurant foods have a ton of sodium in them that's why they taste so good!)

    Just drink plenty of water and keep doing what you're doing with the salads and keeping the calories between 1000-1200 and the pounds will be falling off once more. :)

  2. What was your calorie total for yesterday? It sounds like you maybe maxed out around 550-600 cals? (did estimated calorie count in my head lol) --- you may need to eat a little more calories to jump start your stall?

  3. At one time I would have been sure I knew the answer to your delema but really, our bodies work in really mysterious way and in the end, if you stay focused, it will show on the scale.

    Stay strong my friend and you will teach that scale a lesson :o)

  4. Hmmm can't answer this question. But keep making good choices and you're bound to see the loss of 2lbs instead of 0.2lbs soon. You're doing sooo good Stace - so don't beat yourself up :)

  5. So frustrating! I've had weeks like that where I've done everything right and still didn't lose weight and weeks where I was "bad" and lost way more. Who knows?!? Hope the scale shows a better number next week! Just keep working hard!