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Thursday, December 29, 2011

10 Things Thursday Utah Style

1. Still in Utah, but leave tomorrow. (sad face)

2. As I was flying out to Utah last week a tooth I have been needing to get repaired, totally flaired (sp?) up leaving my whole left side of my face swollen and me in A LOT of pain. I almost had to go to the ER to get antibiotics through IV, but found some killer antibiotics Jake's uncle had and he let me use em up. Not the ideal way to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but I am feel a lot better now. Root canal and abscess draining on Monday. Yay!

3. I have been bad and good on my diet. I have made time to go workout and haven't been eating too unhealthy for meals,but my snacking really sucks! I have maintained though this week and I am pretty happy about it!

4. I know you guys are dying for Skinny Santa results, but I am still waiting for one or two...i think. If I don't get anymore weigh in's then I will just post with what I got and we will be sad some people didn't hold up their end of the bargain. Look for a post Saturday or Sunday!

5. Jake and I went for an overnighter in Salt Lake and stayed at this cool hotel. They had a goldfish delivered to your room! And funky leopard print bath robes! lol. Only $100/night on expedia!

6. I got to spend time shopping with Zoey yesterday. We stopped for ice cream after she saw the shop with the big ice cream cone and yelled "ike weem own!!!!"

7. I'm doing nothing for new years and contemplating "missing my flight" so I could stay an extra day.

8. I love this boy and his Christmas jammies!!

9. I really like I got my sis in law and my mom on board. I am if anyone wants to friend me on

10.  Date night with Jake tonight. Korean food. Not my favorite, but he is my favorite and it's his favorite food so it all works out!


  1. your babies are SO darn adorable! what a beautiful family you have!

    I love Utah and would def not mind living there!

  2. A goldfish in the room? Different.
    Hey, I posted about coming to Baltimore on January 14th for dinner at Roy's- check it out & let's actually meet!!

  3. Maintaining is better than gaining at this time of year :p and the hotel sound like a fun one :o)

    Happy times with your kids and hubby, I hope you get lots more with them soon!

  4. Sounds like a great trip & time with the kiddos

  5. #5 - I want to be there. Right now. With Rambo. That is all.

  6. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog today. I really appreciate it! I've missed being gone and am looking forward to catching up on your blog!

  7. Sounds like a great visit with the family. :)

    Hope the missing people send in their weights - I hate when ya get left hangin' on stuff like that! :(