My Journey

Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: Week 10

                          Weight: 185.8       Loss: 1.4 lbs

Finally saw a 185 this morning. I am getting so sick of the numbers 186, 187 and 188.

Life is so busy. I hate when my "to do" list can fill out an entire spiral bound notebook. Between teaching, church things I am involved with, being a mommy with a hubby who works at night, and being the wedding planner for a wedding in Oct, oh, and don't forget my cupcake gig, I feel like I am struggling to get a grasp on it all, let alone my diet and exercise.

I really pushed myself this week to eat well and find time to do some sort of exercise. I can't help but think back to my college days when I could exercise whenever the heck I wanted. I would have been at Zumba everynight if it existed. I tried to go three times this week already and only made it the 1 time (695 traffic = road rage stacey). I can't just drop everything and work out. I work all day and to go to Zumba which is 20 min away, would mean I am away from my kids for almost 2 hours. I need to be a mommy first ya know? In college my priority would have been exercising. Time changes things. (sigh) I will have to find other ways to get my good workouts.  I ended up buying the Juliene Hough dance workout to do after the kids go to bed. It's pretty good. She is cute and so freakin tiny! So glad I don't have to dance next to her!!

We survived the hurricane ok. It was a pretty scary night. We put Zoey in the basement instead of her room upstairs. About 9pm branches started falling on the house. It wasn't too bad until one branch came down and shook the whole house. I thought a tree came down. It hit so hard the nails in the upstairs ceiling are sticking out. It really scared me, so we all ended up sleeping in the basement. All was well, until I tried to transfer Logan from his crib to the basement. Apparently basement = party time. Then.....power went out, which meant darker party. We tried really hard to get them settled down, but with no fans or AC to block the noise, they were both up till 4am. It really sucked.  Amazingly enough we got by with only a 10in whole in our room and branches all over the yard. Our neighborhood lost a lot of big trees. Some still don't have power. Ours came back the next afternoon.

I have been trying to read everyone's blog and comment when I can. Give me 1 more week to get in the swing of things and then I will be posting like a mad woman. Have a great labor day weekend ladies!


  1. I'm glad you're all okay! And a workout DVD sounds like just the ticket, that's how I do it. :)

  2. Great weight loss ! You'll get it figured out :)

  3. So thrilled about your loss! The video sounds great! Let us know how it goes.