My Journey

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can We Be Friends Again?

Yes. Yes We Can Mirror!
The mirror is finally agreeing with me lately. I am enjoying what I see in there. Tonight I went to Target* and everything I tried on fit or was too big. I ended up buying a size 10 pencil skirt because the 14 was too big and there wasn't a 12. It is tight in the hips, so I have to wear it higher on my waist, but darn it, it zips! It even looks great with a longer shirt. A 10 people. A 10.  As for jeans, I got into a 14 no prob. EXCITING!

I really needed this boost after yesterday. 

Oh and I took a pregnancy test..... Negative. Phew. 

*They have coupons for clothes you can print off their website all the time, and mobile coupons you can sign up for which comes in the form of a text message....I saved $8 on a skirt I bought and $3 on a  cardigan that was also on promo. 


  1. Size TEN?? WHOOOO HOOOO!! Claim it, own it - it's YOU!! I am sooo thrilled for YOU!

  2. size ten! Fabulous! I love LOVE my pencil skirts! I swear I could wear one everyday!

  3. YOU ARE AMAZING - Size 10! Woohoo!!

  4. I love skirts, there's so much lee-way... I fit into a size 14 the other day and I'm still a 16/18 in jeans. :D


  5. Wow, a size 10!?!?! So excited for you!!!! It's so nice to start seeing your hard work paying off! We need some pics!!