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Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: Week 11

            Weight: 182.4?  Loss:  3.4 lbs?

My scale is kinda shady. It often gives me several reading everytime I step on it, even if I step one the scale 3 times in 1 min. Come on... you know you all do it! So this morning, 1st reading 183.4, 2nd reading 182.4, 3rd reading 182.4, Sooo. I'm going with it!

Last week on Facebook a woman who goes to my church announced "what should I do today?" Both her kids went back to school and she gets 6 HOURS to herself EVERY SCHOOL DAY! I can't even comprehend this. I don't know if annoys me or I am just really jealous. Lately I find that when I share with people what I do, I kinda come across as a crazy person.

"Hi, my name is Stacey and I am a high school teacher, run a little cupcake business (150 cupcakes this weekend), am planning an entire wedding for Oct, work out 4-5 times a week, am planning 2 church events this month, am on my own at night with 2 kids under 2 cuz my hubby works at night, and am possibly taking up teaching dance next month to get a free gym membership"

"Um... ok psyco"

Yesterday I thought my kid's pediatrican was gonna write me a perscription after chatting with her about my schedule. In my mind, it all seems normal. I'm not even stressed about any of it. So... I can't even imagine just having 6 hours everyday to do whatever. I barely get 6 minutes. What do people do with all that time? Cook? Clean? Do laundry regularly? Maybe one day I will take up those things. :o)

I went to my 1st support group this week. It was alright. I'm already an expert because of all of you, and so I felt it was more a waste of my time. I prob won't be going back, but I did get to refer a few ladies who are trying to get approved to my blog and potentially to all of you. I gushed about blogland! I am pretty in love with you lapband ladies!

All my tight clothes in my closet are getting super loose now. I am THRILLED!! I am now also only Obese Class 1. I did my BMI after Ronnie shared her awesome news about only being "overweight". Haha..skinny people must find us fascinating to be excited to be "just obese"!

This weekend I will try to get a picture in... when I don't hate my hair!


  1. I was super excited to be just obese, too. Being overweight is like 10 times better. :)

    And your schedule sounds crazy - but I bet it keeps things interesting. I would just watch TV if I had 6 hours to myself at home. Pfft!

  2. Yes, a picture, I wan tot see this short hair.
    Umm... phyco, yup, boy you are busy.

  3. I'm super busy too, and don't even have kids! I can't imagine your schedule. I work all day, at the normal job, then have a photography business too. Have to cook, clean, work out, grocery shop, blah, blah, blah. Sometimes I hate being so busy, and sometimes I love it. Maybe I'm psycho too.

  4. Congrats on the loss...that's awesome!!!