My Journey

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things Thursday (10 to be exact)

1. I did Day 1 of the Couch to 5k today. It felt AMAZING. I don't remember the last time I ran, but it had to have been about 7 years ago. It was so easy, it was shocking! I really am in such better shape!  I can't wait to do it again.

2. I had a 2 hour delay today because of the rain. Sweet.... except I didn't realize until I was 20 min into my drive to school. So I just went in on time, blasted Pandora (The Band Perry Station) and made the 150 cupcakes I had to for orders this weekend. Having 6 ovens in my classroom is very helpful in situations like these!

3. Went to Logan's 9 month check up today. He is 40% weight, 60% height. What a peanut! All that crawling and climbing and trying to walk is burning calories! If I do what he does for a day do you think I could get to 40% weight??

4. Had a tiny hissy fit today as I was making frostings after school at my house. I couldn't stop trying the 4 flavors of buttercream I was making and just got so pissed at myself. Thankfully Jake took over and sent me on my way to the gym to blow off steam before he left for work. Why does buttercream have to destroy my life sometimes!

5. Before I left Jake announces.... "You just need some really good sex". Love that he thinks sex solves eating problems!!

6. Um.... it is REALLY still raining?

7. I was blowing bubbles for the kiddies to chase. Zoey caught one in her mouth and goes "MMM...delicious" in her cute little slurry toddler voice that you have to listen really hard to understand. Made my night! Didn't even know she knew that word.

8. There is a teacher next to me that walked into the copy room and goes "you seriously are looking so good".  She is obese and was telling me how frustrated she is with it and not having time to workout and making bad food choices. I really wanted to suggest weight loss surgery....but how do you do that without telling someone you had it done, without sounding completely insulting???

9. Yesterday I ate 1 1/2 reeses pb cups. I felt ashamed. I didn't wanna workout. So, at 9:30pm I said to myself "Self.... write down all ur calories from the day and if you are over 1000, do a workout video" So... 1600 calories later.... I was doing 30 Day Shred at 10pm! My butt is sore today. Go me!

10. I miss my long hair.


  1. Congrats on running the 5K! That's awesome!

  2. Your hair isn't long? It looks long to me :)

  3. Nothing wrong with a PB cup, when Halloween comes around, buy a small bag of the mini ones... if I have a chocolate craving, I allow myself one per day... they're like 18 calories each. :)

  4. Buttercream frosting has destroyed my life in so many ways....but oh my is it good.

    Good for you on the C25K. I just finished my second week. We'll have to keep each other accountable!

  5. I am proud of you for starting the C25K. Awesome.
    Did you cut your hair? I missed that in blogloand.
    Sex doesn't solve eating problems? The I hve been lieing to Lightening all along....