My Journey

Monday, September 12, 2011

New Week, New Woman

I think some of you have a good thing going setting weekly goals for yourself. Even if no one reads them, I will still know they are there. I have obviously been thinking about weekly eating and exercise goals, but also "I can be a better person" goals too. There are so many things I need to work on, but I guess I will just take baby steps. I really wanna reach my goal of 177 before I leave for Utah on Sept 29th.

So here goes the goals...

1. Workout 5x this week

2. Cut down on my carbs. Goal <100 g carbs a day at least 5 days this week. (this italian girls gotta splurge a few days to feel normal!)

3. Drink 64oz of water a day

4. Limit sweets to 2x this week

5. Stay at 1200 calories or less

6. Eat more veggies ( I really hate veggies)
7. Do something nice for Jake every day. He deserves it. I've been a grumpy butt with him for no reason.

8. Pray everyday, read scriptures everyday. This might help with goal #9.

9. Get my period. Not sure how I can make this happen, but it sure is a goal of mine!
Did I mention my period is 2 weeks late? Not that I've ever had a regular period.  Not gonna freak out....yet.

10. Have a friday weigh in of 180.6 lbs. Random number, but it sounds good!

I think this is a good start. I feel a good week coming on!


  1. That graphic is awesome! Good luck this week! You can do it.

  2. Your goals are totally attainable! Love that cartoon too!! :)

  3. Your goals are great. I am not sure ou can force 9 & 10 though......
    I am sure my hubby would often want to drink the poison coffee.

  4. You have some great goals. Good Luck on attaining them.

  5. I think you can definitely do 177 by the time you leave, keep us updated on how the rest of it goes! :)