My Journey

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

There It Goes...

....into the trash can, in all it's glory. The best part of the sandwich now left to live its days in a landfill, unloved and uneaten. Oh how I wish to stuff my face with your golden buttery tastiness. The eggs and the sausage will have fill my soul and belly, but I realize, they will never be you.  We can no longer be lovers my beautiful McDonald's biscuit. I will remember our times together, the way we used to sneak around to keep our love a secret. How I looked forward to holding you in my hands and stuffing you in my face.

 Into the trash you go. I will miss you.

RIP my friend.


  1. Oh McDonalds biscuits...oh my...

  2. I'll take it if you don't want it! hehe

    I'm the fatty who keeps trying to stuff her face with bread. Oops. O:)

  3. You are more important than some bisquit-y thing !

  4. Oh God, I love those things.

  5. The egg mcmuffin is just as good and so low in fat. Just 7 WW points. Very funny post though!! What next in the trash?

  6. Beware of the Dunkin Donuts egg sandwiches. Yuck!!