My Journey

Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 1: Failure

hmmmm. Today didn't go as planned.

Pretty much blew all of my goals.

Didn't drink enough water. Over 100 g carbs.

Drove 40 min to Zumba in traffic just to get there to find out the times had changed and it was ending as I got there. I was pretty pissed  by the time I drove home (another 30 min).

This did not help my goal of doing something nice for my husband. I entered the house grumpy to find my babies still had not been fed dinner (it was 7pm and they eat at 5:30pm) and some not so nice words were exchanged. Maybe exchanged isn't the right word since Jake never has a mean thing to say. To make it worse, I came home to this after school. On the stairs up to my house it says "GiGi (Logan), WeWe (Zoey) and Daddy, We Love You. Happy Anniversary Mom" (our 4th anniversary is this week) Melt my heart. Apparently it wasn't enough to keep my grumpiness at bay. 4 hours later I was storming around the house mad about Zumba, pretending my babies eating dinner at 7pm was the worst thing in the world. Geez. I'm pathetic.

No period either.

No workout (it was Bachelor Pad finale was 3 hours long!!) try and be a nice wife we went to Cold Stone for ice cream cause Jake really wanted ice cream. There goes sweets #1 of 2 for the week!! UGGG

Can I have a do-over please?!


  1. It is okay to have a bad day... just push it out of your mind and try again tomorrow! You can do it!!

  2. Yes. Do-overs are totally allowed. Move on and start over! Its just a blip on a string of good days.

  3. Yes you can have a do over! Your husband sounds like mine. Never a mean thing to say, even when I am the meanest person in the world!! Hope today is better!

  4. Stace- today is a whole new day. Forget about yesterday (except those steps!)

  5. Hey, it was "Monday".. New day, new chance to make it a good day!!

    LOVE the steps - just look at those and smile!!


  6. I say you get a mulligan. Absolutely.

  7. don't think failure....failure is only when you give you and you do have a wonderful husband.

  8. Of course you get a do-over. :)