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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ten Thing Thursday - NSV STYLE

NSV #1: One of my students from last year yelled down the hallway this week "Hey Skinny"

NSV #2: I noticed I don't huff and puff walking up 2 flights of stairs at school. 

NSV #3: All my work out pants are falling off of me and my sports bra I just bought is too big.

NSV #4: My students made dirt pudding at school..... that would be 5 classes over 2 days with chocolate pudding, gummi worms and OREO. A few times I had my hand on that OREO package and then walked away.

NSV #5: I can wear heels again without wanting to kick them off across the room after 30 min.

NSV #6: I can run again. I have been doing the 1st and 2nd week of C25K. In June I tried running for a min and wanted to die. Now it is no problem!

NSV #7: Sex is easier. 

NSV #8: I said this one in my last post, but I fit into a size 14 jeans!!

NSV #9: I feel like something is missing from my life if I don't workout. I just really love being an active person again.

NSV #10: I am getting more comfortable being naked around my husband. Sex is one's dark, but changing in front of him terrified me. Not too bad anymore.


  1. YAY for all these NSV's! :) But especially #7 and 10!

    Haha, my confirmation word on here is "towel," too funny.

  2. YAY Ten NSVs - that is fantastic!! xx

  3. this is a faboulous 10 thing thursday!!

    Love them all! Happy for your husband too! I feel the exact same way. I have never been prudish around him, everyone else in the world, but not him. But sex is a whole lot more comfortable now!

  4. I am with Ronnie... yay for #7/10 :)

    Congrats on all the NSV!

  5. What a fabulous idea. Plus, I am thrilled you have so many NSV. Yay Stace!