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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Skinny Santa RESULTS

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Skinny Santa Challenge with me! It was so amazing to be losing weight over the Holidays and not consuming myself in cookies by the dozen! Now I will stop blabbin and get to the good stuff

3rd PLACE 
Starting: 254
Ending: 246
 3.15  % 

Starting: 256
Ending: 246.5

and our winner....

(click to see her 1st Weigh in and places to shop!)
Starting: 207
Ending: 197

YAY!! Great job! 

Now let's hold up our end of the bargain and send Banded Bella the $10 gift card we agreed to! Please don't go MIA on us. I am getting really frustrated by people who don't follow through. Don't participate if you plan on flaking out. It's just not fair and you know it! You know who you are! 

With that said! Congrats Banded Bella and EVERYONE who participated. You guys should be proud of yourselves....seriously! 

Please see Banded Bella's blog to get her email address (view her complete profile) so we can all get her mailing address. Maybe there are online gift cards too. Either way... Happy Shopping!!! and Happy New Year!


  1. Awww - congrats! Thanks for running the challenge. I know it's hard work.

  2. Oh wow....Congrats to everyone! Thanks so much for running the challenge, it is very hard work.

  3. OMG I came second !!!!!!

    Congrats to everyone on the challenge and to Bella for the win. Now to see where she gets to spend her vouchers....

    BTW Happy New Year Stace :o)

  4. WOW I came in third... not bad!!

    Congrats to Bella for the win!

  5. I think y'all did great. I enjoyed participating with you.


  6. Everyone did great on the challenge, I'll be in for $10 if a certain person doesn't hold up their end. :(

  7. Ill get my gift card out Tonight. for some reason I wasnt following you andmissed this post. great job all