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Monday, January 23, 2012

10 Things Monday??

1. It's monday and I didn't get the delay I was literally praying for (you let me down freezing rain!) so I will ramble on for a few minutes now.

2. If you participated in SKINNY SANTA and have not emailed or sent Banded Bella her gift card (which is MOST OF YOU) please get on that. The girl won fair and square and deserves her reward!! I am too lazy to add links right now to her blog, sorry!

3. I ate like CRAP all weekend. I ate prob 1800-2300 calories every day this weekend. I had 4 cupcakes and like 5 fudge cookies, plus I ate out Fri and Sat night, and didn't work out AT ALL. Guess how much weight I gained..... none. This sort of thing drives me bonkers. My body just does it's own thing. Last week I was super strict and working out hard and lost nothing. So...I decided to just have a weekend of eating higher calories, thinking my body just needed to reset. I shouldn't have eaten all the sweets, but now I feel like I am sick of crap and ready for a serious week of healthy!

4. My mom and aunt came down from NY to help me pack this weekend. We spent maybe 2.5 hrs packing and shopped the rest of the time!! We had a blast! I left them at this huge mall while I met up with some BOOBS (Robyn Cat and Megan) at Roys. Actually, they begged me to leave them there! When I went to pick them up, they had bought me gifts. Which I then exhanged for this MEDIUM Gap Denim Dress. Feels pretty awesome to be wearing things in Medium! I tried on the large and it was a tent on me.
5. I still have no clue what is going on with my house. My two housemates are moving out this weekend and I think I will try to find one or two more to live there for a few months and hopefully by then we will find
something more permanent.

6. Jake comes on Friday night! So excited.

7. I miss my kids so so much. I can't stand the thought of not seeing them for another 2 weeks!!!!!!!

8. I'm mentally not here (at my job) anymore. Ready to move on.

9. Raven's lost. Everyone is sad today.

10. I teach in 10 min and don't even know what I am teaching today. Better run!


  1. That dress is gorg!! Also, are those the camel boots you were on Sat? If so...TOTALLY hot lady!

    Sorry your Raven's lost, I was thinking of you yesterday. I don't like Football much though. I'm a hockey gal!

  2. Love the dress! Sorry you're stressed... might just be close to TOM or something. That's always my excuse. ;)

  3. 1. Gift Card mailed today - I am sorry. I suck. Please take me off your poo list :)
    2. Love Love Love the dress
    3. I cannot imagine being away from Mya that long - HUGS.