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Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Week 30

Weight: 158.4  Loss .4lbs

I was 157.5lbs for 2 days last week. Then I flew to Utah and went a little nuts one night (like 5 cookies and some cheesecake nuts) and haven't seen 157 since. sad. I have still been working out and eating pretty well. Not fast food binges or anything, just not tracking perfectly,  but the weight didn't want to fall back off after I got home Tues like I thought it would. Did you ever have those weeks when you knew regardless of how many calories you ate and how much you worked out, you knew your body was just gonna be stubborn? It was one of those weeks. Like I can physically feel it.

I also get those "My body is a weight loss machine" weeks where I can put forth a decent effort and see a loss every day. Just weird how that works. I have noticed that during my periods lately come every other month and usually there are no signs of them coming. No increase in weight, or PMS stuff. But, on the months I don't get my period, I notice I get all the systems....scale not going down, intense cravings, tiredness, grumpiness. So strange I tell ya.

So, I have completely lost my voice! Like, I am using a small dry erase board here at school today because I can't even get across a word to them. Just woke up that way. It was starting to go yesterday and now...WHAM gone! I am taking 1/2 day cause I don't want to push it and battle the student's attention. I also got some major teeth work done again yesterday. Wowzers I was in pain last night. Couldn't even eat chicken noodle soup. I hope tomorrow I make more sense when I see Robyn, Cat and Megan at Roys! Hey...are we meeting there, or my house? Would you mind if possibly my mom (had gastric bypass) and aunt tagged along. I haven't asked them yet though.

Oh NSV. I was getting soup and saw a beautfiul piece of chocolate cake (the very thing I have been CRAVING all week!) I might have even gone to that specific grocery story because they sell slices of cake) I had it in my cart. Walked around a bit. And then last minute, I put it back! I PUT IT BACK PEOPLE! Freakin nuts. I guess I just want to see that 157 again more that that cake!

I move in 2 weeks. My house is not even close to being packed or sold. I do have some housemates living there and that will help with carrying to mortgage for a while. Am I stressed?... just a tad! Have I been able to get my butt in gear to pack? Nope. My mom and aunt are driving down right now from NY to help me this weekend and Jake is flying out next weekend. I finish teaching next Friday. (crazy!) And then will have a week to get everything together to leave Feb 5th. It's just that I don't really believe it's all happening.

Well, time to finish up some sub plans and peace out of here!
Have a great weekend everyone! Wish me luck with lots of eating out this weekend!


  1. Look at you Miss Willpower!!! Way to put that devil cake down!

    keep it up and 157 will be here before you know it!